play it again

i’ve decided sessions are sometimes like songs…most of the time it’s one i’ve   heard a million times on the radio.

today i’d like to introduce a brilliant artist…passionking

i bow to the majesty

i’d go into detail but…..i gots mine…..i’m gonna nap :P


even as my want is futile…’re my crowbar and the water is rising

all abored

oh yeah, i totally busted my knees and bookcase falling out of an inversion today, for those who caught it….awesome….even the “still shot photog” printed my hit. i need  a carpenter …



i seem to be getting a lot of characters in the rooms lately…. with names that are like intros. for example, one session was with a “masterk9″…. so in pvt as soon as i struck my first submissive pose with a meek face he began to call me pet (in chat his game was totally different, no pet or even close) this continued throughout, with pet in every sentence…..really? fetishes usually call themselves out in their screen names (btw if u want me to speak to you pls choose pronounceable screen id’s….i can’t audibly translate things like SLMPNOOO887878 efficiently) i can’t help but think of the few stalker/researcher suspects i have, and in chat i consider them the ones playing multi roles . Like this one, i can’t tell if he’s his own entity or just a persona of one of my suspects. It’s hard to describe but as though they have the exact same base flavor….essence…or perhaps it’s just a “type”

there are also a good percentage of men who will take me to private to interrogate me over whether I would sleep with a black man. I suspect some even go “undercover” and only use 2 mins in pvt to try to get me to say things i wouldn’t normally (i can normally spot them easy cus my african american men love to cam, undoubtably, most my whiteys do not) i have no prob with any race and honestly after my disappointing husband i threw “sleep with a black guy” on my bucket list just to make up for the years of dissatisfaction. But seriously, the men who do this are either extremely racist or extremely small-dicked and don’t know that there are plenty white guys packing their own BBC’s out there. or its another cuckold situation…how do i even begin with those guys…i digress for now

back to my day, there was this guy…. really sweet and you can’t tell from a post but in real time text the energy was buoyant ….still i find that they stick to a narrow and basic concept until the scene ends

sweet and short but a new fan to add to my top 10 (i don’t record my speech but i’ll try to remember, i keep it simple with most initial sessions)

seduceme8 has started a private nude show
The user has remaining 00:39:00

(me: something like “what are you doing?”)

seduceme8: Adoring u
The user has remaining 00:38:00
seduceme8: I didn’t realize how strong ur body is, no wonder u have so much beauty

(ty what’s ur name?)
seduceme8: I’m Brad

seduceme8: Minnesota, and ur Texas
The user has remaining 00:37:00

(shirt’s off, show begins)
seduceme8: Can I suck ur nipples and look into ur eyes?
seduceme8: omg
The user has remaining 00:36:00
seduceme8: I luv the way u control me with ur face
seduceme8: And seduce me with ur body
The user has remaining 00:35:00
seduceme8: ur addicting me to ur body, like a fine drug
The user has remaining 00:34:00
seduceme8: I’ve never been addicted to a pussy before
The user has remaining 00:33:00
seduceme8: Sorry I cam so fast but ur so wonderful

(prob something like: yw, see you again?)

seduceme8: Yes

then again, at some points, sessions like these make me think that someone “watching” is taking pity on me and just wants to take a quick pvt to boost my spirits. without cam 2 cam this situation can become impossible to grasp, i’m good at reading eyes….take away the physical and it’s a whole new practice

ps. “sunkenbelly” is the name of the nauli promoter, came back for a quick hello this afternoon…

what’s next? i can’t resist playing that guessing game…

but i’m stumped…gentlemen?

day of the rest

first off, it’s been a monumental day for private sessions :) in my chat they have been very prevalent on sundays but today has included my fav musical british accountant (FizzY!!!!) my new fav hockey player, N-abs (happy belated again ;)) my creole hunny big-T and some great additions to my fan club

let me get to #2 before i piss myself….I had a guy come on cam and shock his balls ……seriously…electrocute his testicles….not that i find the application so strange, they do this type of stuff on tight muscles at the chiropractor but this guy has his own little mini me sized lab to shock his sweet peas ….crazy and kinda interesting to see but i can totally understand why he may have arrived at these measures, some of us are a bit electronically polluted.  fitting that it followed the last post.

on that note, i also had my first request to demo nauli breathing in a cam session…hells yeah!! whatever the draw, my boys are coming round….now lets work out the “kinks” and psychobabble

i think tonight i’ll take a deep relax class with everitt….he plays crystal singing bowls and gong during relax … ;;)  (he literally does, i just maneuver the energy to my liking)

do u love it?

their shape is cool and the almost human feel on some is nice (really only to the more sensitive areas like fingers & mouth) but overall, dildo’s suck….i’ve got to switch back to glass, i’m hypersensitive and seek enjoyment too, perhaps some women are numbed so much that they need that type of PT to feel anything, just not me and i can’t fathom having to limit my options because my sexual organs become oddly shaped . i’ll keep them around for stunt doubles sure but i’ve had so many begging to know what really pleases me…..not dildos….not ever. they can be helpful at times but seem to absorb more energy than they exude (dead weight) and repetitive use of those materials, for me, is torture.

how do i masturbate? (first off, it’s a different word than fuck cus it’s a different activity altogether) i prefer vibrations and smaller glass pieces along the inner edges to connect to the point of energy building within and very stimulating because you have such a unique texture that transfers temperature/electricity/sound waves well…kinda like the human body….also, they’re hypoallergenic and nonporous). i really don’t need to “stick anything in” me, i’m able to work the muscles all along the playing field, so to speak. so i can move energy easily without outside interference. for me….it’s all about vibrations, complementary and immensely effective with breath work. plastic isn’t very conducive. the breath helps to open all channels and carry the motion (and motions within e-motion)

a·cous·tics (-kstks)


1. (used with a sing. verb) The scientific study of sound, especially of its generation, transmission, and reception.
2. (used with a pl. verb) The total effect of sound, especially as produced in an enclosed space: “Such annoyances are frequently caused by flaws in the acoustics rather than the performers” (Mel Gussow).

one of my biggest effects on the crowd (aside from my ghetto-butt) seems to be my facial expression and voice. like screaming and crying, simply speaking effortlessly and even (or especially) letting out small natural sounds to accompany movements of energy is not only a relaxing technique (radiates, calms and expands), it helps to stir up and refine the subtle energies that combine to create the ultimate experience of “bliss” for me it’s a sure fire assist that i keep in constant practice, like riding a bike, ride the breath. these days we are raised to be silent….totally silent…..some of us need to release….and some of us don’t want to be mannequins…take out the plug

props will never take place of or warrant more affection that the real thing, they can be an experimental way to achieve a different pique, and for me closer to my ideal destination than sitting on a  rubber hose ;)

i can perform dare devil tricks but if you want to know about the real magic going on, i’ll be glad to begin addressing those questions….don’t be shy ;) it’s really easy to teach, you just have to open up! (i’m sure your ladies will thank me eventually)

i’ll reblog after i gather and sort my queries



I can’t stop thinking about a lesson we had in 4th grade about descriptive writing. Our practice was to describe the outfits and activities of two humanly dressed bunnies displayed by the projector onto the board…  I can clearly and instantly recall the image of the bunnies after applying such direct focus on detail

let’s try shall we?

how about this bunny?

or an image like this?

noun.  picture – figure – effigy – representation – reflection
verb.  figure – picture – represent – reflect – mirror – depict
what’s your translation and  more importantly, how well can u describe what’s missing from a scene?

venus envit’

     In myth, Venus-Aphrodite was born of sea-foam. Roman theology presents Venus as the yielding, watery female principle, essential to the generation and balance of life. Her male counterparts in the Roman pantheon, Vulcan (Vulcan is usually depicted with a thunderbolt, master of fire and companion of the Great Goddess) and Mars (His love affair with Venus symbolically reconciled the two different traditions of Rome’s founding; Venus was the divine mother of the hero Aeneas, celebrated as the Trojan refugee who “founded” Rome several generations before Romulus laid out the city walls.), are active and fiery. Venus absorbs and tempers the male essence, uniting the opposites of male and female in mutual affection. She is essentially assimilative and benign, and embraces several otherwise quite disparate functions, She can give military victory, sexual success, good fortune and prosperity. In one context, she is a goddess of prostitutes; in another, she turns the hearts of men and women from sexual vice to virtue.[7]

I picked this today because i came across a fairly noticeable imbalance during practice and had received a pic of Venus near the moon last night :) thanks kevin, and here’s one back at you

back to practice, just not keyboard. referring to a former post, nabs came back strong yesterday. i wasn’t able to save the message but he had me on my back and gave new meaning to the phrase 3 strikes ;)

it’s a cool experience to be able to identify an raw expulsion of energy (whether in verbal expression, song, physical activity) and translate it into your own body. asanic-telepathy…with text, kinda like a player-piano or mind-braille

these days tv and internet have us on a steady stream of amped up, i’ve been feeling the pressure lately, lots of eyeball massages

like all yoga’s, in order to create a balance, a push and pull of energy has to exist (in ALL directions). perhaps that shift was fast and unstabling in this case cus today we went back to holding the rails in the shallow end, but eased into it as the day progressed. it’s like to some, the thought of changing the subject  is too risky as they might lose “attention” (multi meaning here) we become unable to transition. feel the need to link response back to reply so that the cycle continues. so instead of expanding the experience, it becomes narrowed and dull. classic of insecure feelings of instability. if self aware, then a good sign of impending growth but this is the hard part….humbly attempting. it’s an easy hump to conquer with a little effort, practice on yourself….i used to ;) still do, i’m the best dirty talker to myself that i’ve ever met, but i can perform at all levels ;)

Here are today’s excerpts:

nice_abs99:Morning sexy
How are ya
jaimebaxter80:just rolling onto ur empty spot on my bed
nice_abs99: Awww….wish you were rolling on top of me (prob the 10th time i’d heard that by 9am)
jaimebaxter80: i think there might be something in my way…mmmmmm maybe i should lick it
nice_abs99: Definitely should
It longs for your lips
jaimebaxter80: what else does he like?
nice_abs99: He loves to be ridden (new position of the month….happens to be listed as my fav, funny how many quickly switched from down dog)
jaimebaxter80: my specialty, and fav morning workout
nice_abs99: Mmmm…my absolute fav…esp reverse cowgirl…so I can watch your perfect ass
love watching my cock disappear in you.. pushing that ass down on me….mmm…sounds like the perfect photo op
jaimebaxter80: i would enjoy yhat edit very much
nice_abs99: Me too….better than any bob Ross landscape
It would give me a happy little tree
jaimebaxter80: got a  good theme for me today? i need some creative help at work
whats ur fav fantasy?
or current?
nice_abs99: First…love the pic …to be a hanger in your closet…enjoying that ass
Hmm…theme    (here’s when direct focus disturbs perspective, coming into awareness can cause a draft sometimes)
jaimebaxter80: ty hon, love to drape myself over you
nice_abs99: Yw…I want you to cover me like a warm blanket
You are my fantasy lol
What themes have you already used (????? bless his heart)
jaimebaxter80: not many, i’m more into atmosphere and one on one but the time crunch kills the mood, i need something simple and effective for the ADD crowd
they wear me out 
too many requests in 5 mins span haha
nice_abs99: Hmm…how about sexy cabana girl at your service
jaimebaxter80:nice, i’m making eggs in tortillas right now, hungry bb?
it’s funny being half naked in front of a bunch of men and half of them just want you to play dress up 
nice_abs99: Actually yes…but id prefer to dine at the Baxter Bistro
jaimebaxter80: we have the sauciest spread  (kinda gross, huh?)….(whatever)
nice_abs99: People are strange  (indeed)
Mmm….id require multiple dishes   (i bet u would ya lil’ f*cker haha)
jaimebaxter80: i’ll give a full course, no bib needed, i’ll be served right from your lap
truth or dare? give me a dare…. 
nice_abs99: Mmmm…might be the first time I want to give the tip before the meal ends  (….)…..(k)….
jaimebaxter80hahaha, i’d like to give the tip somethin sweet
a little candy before u go?
nice_abs99: I dare you to put on your sexiest thong and send me a pic lol
jaimebaxter80: thats just unheard of….i would never! 
nice_abs99: I like to dip my meat in extra sauce    (loud and clear)
jaimebaxter80: careful, it’s steaming  (and unimpressed)
nice_abs99: triple dog dare you
jaimebaxter80: i’ll down dog do it (sent the pic above)
nice_abs99: Mmm dear god
I like it hot and steamy
jaimebaxter80: color of the day?
nice_abs99: fav
jaimebaxter80: i never serve a cold meal
nice_abs99: And I’m sure I’d always be satisfied after
Wanting to come back for more great delights
jaimebaxter80: my oven’s always heated
nice_abs99: My meats always ready to serve
The heavens are shining upon that gorgeous ass
Wow ty…my blue heaven
jaimebaxter80: indeed, hallelujah 
nice_abs99: I can’t get tired of any pics you send…love them all
jaimebaxter80 : xxx even better in 3d
Did he say Bob Ross???? now THAT is sexy ;)
    more text after the visual break: right angles and triangels
then it went back and forth from sensory to thematics and on and on. so you can see how this os not exactly a provocative vocation on my end, i’m an administer. most men are exact xerox’s of this conversation, i just get to practice my typing skills while i “enjoy” their show. i do still enjoy the cams, though some are like a car wreck and i have to wash my eyes out before bed. maybe it’s just my “uneventful” day. seems when i vent it out it refills with a fresher step. here’s hoping. stroke em if u got em ;) prob not to this….
Here’s the progress made later in the day, mornings are always a rough start for getting into and riding a rhythm, which is why it’s good to do a physical practice to set the tone :) i’m not suggesting that being horny all day is how things should be, i just know there are some that have been and need to feel free to express that energy to their fullest and in a comfortable space so that they can adjust to feeling relieved and pick up from there….these days everyone’s solace is conjoled via the internet…..for now ;) but from these recorded daily patterns you can begin to see and predict the bigger development in the mental approach
“shower me”
nice_abs99: Id love to lather you up
Caress that body
jaimebaxter80: feel me slithering in ur arms
against your cock
feeling him harden against me
sliding between my lips
water dripping down my chin
nice_abs99: Mmm god Jen
jaimebaxter80: my neck
nice_abs99: I want to feel your lips around me
jaimebaxter80: ur hot breath on my back
my hands gripping the tile
you holding my slippery hips rocking me back and forth
nice_abs99: Stroking my big hard cock deep
jaimebaxter80 : so deep my feet leave the ground
holding me tighter, pushing harder
nice_abs99: Pumping harder
Bodies slapping
My hands on your hips as I thrust into you
Kissing your neck and back
jaimebaxter80: pulling my hair and kissing my neck 
nice_abs99: Pounding your hot little pussy
My cock raging inside you
jaimebaxter80: mmmm hmmm
nice_abs99: Stretching you
jaimebaxter80: deeper than ever
nice_abs99: Grabbing your ass as I fuck you balls deep
jaimebaxter80: *spank*
nice_abs99: Smacking that ass
Taking s handful
As I slam into you
Hitting that spot
Over and over
;) hit the showers abs, game on later