ballerina boobs

this one gets a lot of revisits and picture “clicks” so i thought i’d make it easier ;) you do know there’s a lot of free porn out there? haha as a fellow ballerina thank you for loving our itty bitty’s – much better than a back ache – i wished my tits away in hs (D to a B) because of leering old pervs and excruciating back pain – also i fixed the vid so it correlates to the pic so check it out to see these boobies in motion ;) cool tip – mute the sound on the vid and use one from your playlist – try itSex Fact: It’s Not Always about the Numbers

In the end, there seems to be a recurring theme in moving beyond sex myths: Don’t get too hung up on the numbers.

So often the key to sexual satisfaction is not about penis size, stamina records, or a technical isolation of the G-spot. Rather, it’s about understanding yourself and your partner’s desires and recognizing that, unlike those Disney characters, real people aren’t born with a perfect, divinely granted understanding of sex.

As O’Connell remarks on the perils of over-privileging of the G-spot, “It is best for partners to explore the precise areas that turn someone on and how a partner likes to be given pleasure. That applies to both men and women, and the idea that there is any consistent ‘magic spot’ in either sex is just tyrannical.”

and for this sensitive being it’s torture – prob my biggest issue with porn is the pathetic camera pleasing attempts at cunnilingus -even the women (talk about shooting yourself in the foot) it ruins the mood completely – think for yourself ;)


atx conversations: music teacher

this was  a little while back, finally uploaded it…

and for those who think i’m crazy these days….i think the same of you…who’s right? i was raised by habitual liars…and they still are…i know the signs and patterns. and children are naturally more perceptive than stressed out ‘adults’, i don’t take that for granted. and what if the overstressed and silenced children of parents guilty of manslaughter had escaped the attempt…who would ever notice that there was a real problem? My mother was reported to CPS  …i got in trouble for it even though i had no clue, she wouldn’t let me continue counseling afterwards, i had to emancipate myself as soon as i turned 17 to get outside help…the system sucks.

NYC? i respect it….not so in love though…or ever impressed

thanks dn…glad there are still some cool ppl there

On Feb 12, 2012, at 11:25 AM, D N wrote:
I got disconnected from the chat since you went private with a lucky fella.
Good mixture of things on your blog.
May I ask – why did you trust to give out your blog/name/facebook to a complete stranger from the site? Shouldnt you bee more cautious?


Re: jen/jaime

February 12, 2012 11:36 AM

thanks for the viewing and the concern…i’ve dealt with crazy men all my life, i’ve learned how to handle and put the fear to rest, if i didn’t i woulnd’t be able to live freely…thats the true victim ;)

also, i’m choosy about who i pick to communicate with…i can smell it….

impotence of sound

what kind of private chats do i enjoy taking on? sometimes it’s a mutual connection, sometimes it’s a needed workout in disguise, sometimes simply a performance

another common ? what’s my fav position? well, like yoga poses ;) i don’t have a favorite, i like  a full body workout and any guy who thinks you only do one at a time is just lame. i chose “standing”for my work profile because it’s funny to confuse those who don’t fully get it the concept of sex

i’m great at the virtual blow job simulation and it’s also a great way to exercise my mouth and face and practice some interesting breath work. this mouth does more than sing, i like to inspire others to join in….

music is a great tool to choreograph a session especially when i have nothing to work with, without cam2cam it’s just text and me on the screen. with bj sessions cam creates an amazing experience…well as good as it gets without being real.

cumic32 has started a private nude show
The user has remaining 00:04:00
cumic32: ok let me see so
cumic32: ah ah
cumic32: of course
cumic32: yeahhh
The user has remaining 00:03:00
cumic32: LIKE THIS
cumic32: oh god yeahhh
cumic32: i push your head
cumic32: you want to see me cum?
The user has remaining 00:01:00
cumic32: so
cumic32: watch your screen
cumic32 is sending a webcam!
cumic32: watch yeahhhh
cumic32: you are good god^^
The user has remaining 00:04:00
cumic32 has stopped sending a webcam!
cumic32: oups
cumic32: i’m over ah ah
The user has remaining 00:03:00
cumic32: yeah why not
cumic32: sorry for my bad English
cumic32: I’m French
cumic32: so
cumic32: ah ah
cumic32: the song before was very good
cumic32: what was the name please? do you know?
cumic32: can you write the name please
cumic32: white strip?
The user has remaining 00:02:00
﷯ jaimebaxter: effect and cause by the white stripes 
cumic32: ok ok
cumic32: good song
cumic32: thanks
cumic32: take care
cumic32: and perhaps later

i think i owe royalties to the white stripes, just had another when seven nation army came up on shuffle….

more gross truth without net worth

like any girl, i like to dress up and feel pretty..and yes i do enjoy attention, my problem with that is you can’t decide who’s attention you get. i know i’m not the ‘prettiest’ girl, nonetheless, i am surprised by the type and amount of attention or stares i receive. so to play it safe and try weed out the pervs and ‘tards by dressing down, dumbing down and being comfortably natural because the guy i want needs to be smart enough to be able to see past any make-up and frill in the first place.

as hard as i try to be neutral i still run into horrible predicaments.

i’ve always considered myself the oddball ugly duckling of the family although my brother’s wife (who looks a lot like me, weird)  once told me i was the prettiest of the 3 girls, thanks for that and sorry princess jojo.(unfortunately, i have lots of requests for bro/sis role-play because i resemble them…it’s not just father daughter creeps… never ever ever will i accommodate either….you’re sick…get help, just not that kind)

i’ve had many guy “friends” who would quickly talk shit about me behind my back to other guys and about those guys to me because i wouldn’t date them and they didn’t want anyone else to, as if their friends wouldn’t betray them and tell me just to get a foot in the door

during my office working days i was constantly asked to have affairs, an HR nightmare, but it helped me to identify the behavior in my husband, his main mistress was a younger co worker…named jenny. i counseled them both after i left him, he was cheating on her too. might still be, i don’t care anymore, didn’t really then, just needed my alimony so i could move on

during my marriage, every “man” i was around. husbands family members (or their husbands), friends, co workers always gave me the creepy stare, i’d watch them out of the corner of my eye. i was the only girl his friends started to kiss “hello” and even made a few attempts on nights out. his best man wanted to hook up with my little sis on our wedding night in tahoe that he came to with his gf. i tried to tell her but he’s a good liar or she’s just that desperate to believe him. my father in law decide he’d be the first in the family to act on it. he would call me drunk at 3am on his weekly trips to cleveland to work and visit his mistress of 5 years  (always the same time, i’d make my husband answer, that’s all he’d do about it besides complain….poor baby). then at his wife’s surprise 50th bday party he became bolder and was grabbing at me, kept trying to kiss me and telling me how much he loved me. at one point i ran off crying…everyone just stared, one of my sis in laws friends came to check on me. they still expected me to show up for family gatherings with him and i did to keep the peace. after awhile i quit even doing that and was put down for it, by them and my own family

my step father- during my wedding planning and a few glasses or bottles of wine i assume, he and a friend of his called me on three way and thought we’d discuss wedding plans (that i never wanted, my hubby wanted the party, it was a marriage of convenience since conception) and not to worry because my step dad would take care of anything i wanted, but would i consider having a mud bath there to wrestle in for their entertainment in lieu of payment. nice, no

so, to the guys that are appropriate for me, please don’t take my “coldness” personally, it’s been a necessity in my glamourous life. i’d never be able to do the work i do or change the influence if i couldn’t identify and handle the ugliness properly, i’ve had a lot of experience with it so it’s not exactly new territory. sometimes you have to be blunt, sometimes you have to silently ignore it and sometimes you have to lure them in and play along long enough to expose and expel it….or at least, make a safe escape