impotence of sound

what kind of private chats do i enjoy taking on? sometimes it’s a mutual connection, sometimes it’s a needed workout in disguise, sometimes simply a performance

another common ? what’s my fav position? well, like yoga poses ;) i don’t have a favorite, i like  a full body workout and any guy who thinks you only do one at a time is just lame. i chose “standing”for my work profile because it’s funny to confuse those who don’t fully get it the concept of sex

i’m great at the virtual blow job simulation and it’s also a great way to exercise my mouth and face and practice some interesting breath work. this mouth does more than sing, i like to inspire others to join in….

music is a great tool to choreograph a session especially when i have nothing to work with, without cam2cam it’s just text and me on the screen. with bj sessions cam creates an amazing experience…well as good as it gets without being real.

cumic32 has started a private nude show
The user has remaining 00:04:00
cumic32: ok let me see so
cumic32: ah ah
cumic32: of course
cumic32: yeahhh
The user has remaining 00:03:00
cumic32: LIKE THIS
cumic32: oh god yeahhh
cumic32: i push your head
cumic32: you want to see me cum?
The user has remaining 00:01:00
cumic32: so
cumic32: watch your screen
cumic32 is sending a webcam!
cumic32: watch yeahhhh
cumic32: you are good god^^
The user has remaining 00:04:00
cumic32 has stopped sending a webcam!
cumic32: oups
cumic32: i’m over ah ah
The user has remaining 00:03:00
cumic32: yeah why not
cumic32: sorry for my bad English
cumic32: I’m French
cumic32: so
cumic32: ah ah
cumic32: the song before was very good
cumic32: what was the name please? do you know?
cumic32: can you write the name please
cumic32: white strip?
The user has remaining 00:02:00
﷯ jaimebaxter: effect and cause by the white stripes 
cumic32: ok ok
cumic32: good song
cumic32: thanks
cumic32: take care
cumic32: and perhaps later

i think i owe royalties to the white stripes, just had another when seven nation army came up on shuffle….


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