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jennigirl profile:

painter (check me out at Jenny Prints on Facebook)
yoga teacher ( yes i can teach you but you will have to pay so only ask if your serious, it’s not a cute line, never was)

they’re telling me i have to keep writing in order to update this……how long do i have to go on…..i know no ones gonna read this crap, just stare at my tits….are there any non robots out there? if you don’t know what i mean, you’re probably a robought


well, well, well… most of you guys area really catty, i can understand ignorance but why do you spend time writing me just to be mean? check yourself, you prob shouldn’t be dating in your condition

maybe i’m just here to hold the mirror up for you guys

message from a ‘gentleman’ caller:

“.i know no ones gonna read this crap, just stare at my tits.”

It’s good to know your target audience I guess. I didn’t think they were especially distracting myself. Face and legs maybe…but some personality would have been better.

then the joke went over your head, my personality doesn’t need defending

I suppose it did. After reading 9999 profiles containing pictures of tits, or containing text talking about tits, or bragging about how men always look at their tits,…and yoga. I suppose I stopped finding it funny.

I prefer the rare occasion where they tell me about their passionate cello playing.

i do play viola, i’m thinking about getting a cello, yoga is one of my professions

Then I love and hate you at the same time and I haven’t even met you yet. :)

most guys like to hate me at first, i sometimes think they are just jealous and want to be a girl too, i wish they’d take all of the useless attention back

Hahaha! You have “Living in Austin TX” syndrome.

Most single guys here absolutely hate women. You should here the lunch conversations at work!

Problem is that there are 200,000 more single men in this city than single women. I didn’t make that up. Look at the census data. Men move here for IT jobs. Walk into any club and take a headcount. I’m not ****ing, it’s just fact. I live here for the money, not to find love.

Out of the 12 cities I’ve lived in my lifetime I have never seen as much entitlement as I have here. So yes, they are jealous. I cannot imagine what it is like to get free drinks, dinners, and have a 95% chance of receiving a yes from anyone I asked, “Wanna get naked?!” where I came from, women actually bought us drinks! That’s unheard of here.

I think it puts women here at an unseen disadvantage though. If all the men are starving wolves ready to pounce on anything they see, once they have a meal, they probably tend to morph back to their former selves. They *poof* or just lack the incredible effort that the woman has grown used to. It is probably hard to get any depth or longevity out of a relationship. I am just guessing though, because I can’t see the other side of it first hand.

I know that I myself have experienced an incredible want for someone in particular, watching the phone, writing poetry, constantly thinking about them, and then all the sudden, after a little nakedness, through no control of my own, I lost all interest and wondered why I liked them in the first place. I can only conclude that I was starving at the time and blinded.

but as you can probably tell, by the content of my messages. I don’t give two poops about chasing anymore. I’d never complain about m/f ratios or entitlement, for the risk of offending, if I was really trying hard to seduce someone with messages online :P Hell, I don’t even know why I am online, aside from the pure comedy of it.

I’m not that hungry. I’m waiting to get chased. It’s much more fun.

see, you want to be a girl too

and he wasn’t even good looking…i’m guessing its 100x’s harder to be an ugly girl over an ugly guy, i don’t think he accounted for that. honestly, my consistent wish is that i were so ugly that only the man who really loves me would be attracted to me. it would save me a lot of time and patience of the perception and opinions of superficial morons. the guy who truly loves me is the only one who deserves to enjoy my beauty, and i don’t consider my physical attributes substantial enough to compete with my spirit (although, my booty is pretty spectacular). i can’t help how i look, in real life i wear a bun and no makeup, dress like a homeless person haha, i just hate taking pics so i use my work ones, so what if you see my skin, get over it….its fuc*ing skin. if i didn’t include a body shot then your paranoia might have your weak minds thinking i’m hiding something, i don’t need to hide, now you’ve seen me, lets move on…i’m looking for the guys who aren’t distracted by it, but notice what is exuding from beneath it and don’t assume i’m a slut. i’m not ashamed of my body, if you are then i pity you, but its not public property, rarely does anyone get to touch it and never does anyone get to decide what i do with it. to those of you sending me howling emails, thank you for showing your stage of development, keep cooking. but also, thank you for appreciating :) like any art, if it brings joy, its a good thing. and those who want to judge me for it, thank you for showing me your pettiness, you still have a lot to learn. first step… lose the ego, i’m not sure what ur momma told you but you’re not all that. if you were you wouldn’t be so judgmental and threatened by the sweetest girl in the world

this guy knows what i’m talking about:

After reading your profile, I have absolutely no idea what to say. :D
I rather like your painting with the tree-branches. I must admit to finding you physically attractive, and reading your profile reveals a devilshly dangerous intelligence.
I don’t really know a thing about you and I would like to learn more. I’m interested in your views on masculinity and femininity, especially in our culture today.

I’ll fire this off as my opening volley, in hopes that you’ll return fire. Have a wonderful day.

i def have an opinion on that ;)
i’m jen
what would you like to know?

Hi Jen!

Well, there’s nothing specific that I want to know (or if there is, then I am consciously unaware of the question). I’m more interested in just having a discussion.

Before I begin, I’ll disclaim that I am fully aware that everything I’m about to say is simply my perspective on things, and I relinquish any notion of authority. I say that mostly for me, so that I’m not constantly adding, “in my opinion” to the end of everything I say.

I find it interesting that you posit that men are envious of you in their initial interactions. Naturally, this makes sense, but it’s the sort of thing that people don’t like to say. For a woman to claim that men not only desire her, but envy the power that she has over them is a fundamental taboo in our culture. I like that you said it.
Would you say that you have an envy of the masculine position? To be judged on your actions and abilities instead of the superficialities of beauty. To be allowed to state your mind openly and plainly without everyone gawking at you.

I apologize if this is clumsy. I don’t often attempt deep discussion over POF. :) I am much more suited to direct, dialectic conversation.

i think that women have begun to take on the responsibilities of men and learning their behaviors in the work place, women adapt more quickly and are becoming very masculine, this is my main issue with the situation, i want to be a girl (i was born with that right and intend to fight for it) i need cock, not a lot of pussies

M3/4/2013  Agreed. Modern America seems hell-bent on hammering the sexes into a neutral, genderless mush, like melting a Yin-Yang into solid grey.

thank God… people are getting it


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