The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Not everyone feels comfortable sleeping naked, but it is important to understand the benefits of sleeping naked when it comes to not only your love life, but also your health and well-being. Sleeping naked can increase feel-good hormones in the brain, strengthen emotional ties and heighten both desire and intimacy between you and your partner. The following are just some of the benefits of sleeping naked:

  • Releases hormones. Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, a hormone known to promote sexual arousal and feelings of bonding, reduce stress hormones, increase trust, lower heart rate and raise overall sex drive. With all-night skin contact from head to toe, you will get a nice flow of this very useful hormone.
  • Creates a stronger bond. Skin contact creates more than just useful hormones – it creates a bond! Increase the sense of bond between you and your partner and feel closer together than ever before. Remember, increased closeness encourages greater sex.
  • Induce desire. Sleeping naked helps couples overcome relationship obstacles as the intimacy can close the gap when you feel separated from your partner.
  • Look more erotic. Sleeping naked will become an open invitation to sex as no man can resist his wife curled up on one side without any clothes.
  • Feel better. 30 minutes to an hour of love making per day can make you feel more satisfied with your life, fitter, healthier and just plain old better!

You don’t have to have a partner to enjoy the benefits of sleeping naked, however. Research shows that sleeping naked:

  • Allows the body to relax and rest more peacefully, which can in turn, increase your energy and daytime alertness levels.
  • Improves self-confidence.


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