the path of a capital (ism)

(written in 2005)

joy drops

don’t stop
to      intend to
purposefully awaken, though not controlling now
me time tempting.
a mosaic reflection washes away reality. who plays the girl in the mirror? who gives a damn about her any way
content. lonely. incredible. pushover. stupid. sharp. lowercase type a

xtra x

What is Colour Meditation?

Colour Meditation is used to energise the chakras (the Sanskrit word for ‘Wheel’).  The chakras control different functions of the mind and body and are found on a line that runs down the centre of the body (called the ‘Sushumna’) from the top of the head to the base of the torso.  Using colour meditation to energise the chakras balances and controls the mind and body functions to maintain and restore health.  Each chakra is represented by a colour.  This colour is it’s energy and what you focus on in your meditation.  You may find yourself drawn to one colour more than others.  The energy vibration of that colour indicates what energy you need at that particular moment in order to improve and balance your emotional and physical state.

There are seven chakras we focus on in Colour Meditation:

Chakra (English translation) Location on the Body Energy Colour Associations
Root The mid-point between the genitals and the anus, between the legs It’s energy is the colour red The root chakra externalises as the adrenal gland and controls the skeleton, nervous system, sense of smell, the spine, bones, teeth and nails.  It is associated with stability, stillness, grounding and courage.
Sacral Two centimetres above the waistline, in line with the navel It’s energy is the colour orange The sacral chakra externalises as sexual organs and controls the sense of taste, the reproductive organs, kidneys and bladder, feet and legs.  It is also associated with enthusiasm, personal creativity, sex (including relationships), fear and anger.
Solar Plexus Just below the breast bone, in the centre of the body It’s energy is the colour yellow The solar plexus chakra externalises as the pancreas and controls the sense of sight, the autonomic nervous system, lower back and muscles, liver, spleen, stomach, gall bladder, and digestive system.  It is also associated with self-control, vitality and inner strength.
Heart At the centre of the chest It’s energy is the colour green The heart chakra externalises as the thymus gland and controls the sense of touch, the heart, breasts, vagus nerve, the blood circulation and the immune/endocrine system.  It is also associated with love, harmony and personal transformation.
Throat At the point of the larynx It’s energy is the colour blue The throat chakra externalises as the thyroid gland and controls the lymphatic system, the metabolism, hands, arms, shoulders, mouth, vocal cords, lungs and bronchial system, sense of sound, the throat, neck and voice.  It is also associated with self-expression, confidence and truth.
Third Eye At the centre of the forehead It’s energy is the colour indigo The third eye chakra externalises as the pituitary gland and controls the left eye, lower brain, nose, ears and endocrine system and the left part of the brain.  It is also associated with intuition, clairvoyance and peace of mind.
Crown On the top of the skull It’s energy is the colour violet/brilliant white The crown chakra externalises as the pineal gland and controls the right eye, upper brain and central nervous system.  It is also associated with unity with the divine and universal consciousness.

Meditation and Intuition

Meditation is a necessary step in developing your Intuition.  What is Intuition?  Intuition is the practice of reading guiding energy from the Universe and your Spirit Guides through the energy of your Aura.  It is not ‘gut instinct’, nor does it relate to any emotion of any kind.  An Intuitive connection is achieved only through a calm mind, calm emotions and a relaxed body.  Without mental, emotional or physical energies disturbing your Aura, you can literally feel the energy around you and it’s subtle embrace – like a blanket!  The gentle energy which influences your Aura, sent by your Spirit Guides or the Universe, will leave you in no doubt about the sign or path to follow, or answers to your questions.  You will know, definitely, if it feels right or not.  There is no thought involved in Intuition.  Intuition is the ability to read the energy influences around you.  It’s worth noting that it does take some practice!