to be continuing ;)

i got a great question from a viewer today:

How do you get into the 4th dimension…Because we are 4th dimensional beings but we can only see in the third dimension.

answer: the frequency is changing to suit us, that’s why the poles are shifting and we are detecting so much activity in the solar system. 2012 marked the shift from the piscean(information) age to aquarius but we are a woven entity and it takes time to slough off the old ways throughout humanity and let the blossom unfold without sending us into a state of shock. it depends on your sensitivity, role, and placement as to how much or how fast you will be able to transfer so to speak. but many people are beginning the metamorphosis (some unknowingly- God is a gentle being) it will be subtle to most and just taken for granted but the signs are there for those more in tune and willing to accept, celebrate and partake in it. i’ll make a note to put up a blog to give some insight on the signs you might encounter.¬†thanks for the question


it’s that Time

George Harrison
February 25,1943 – November 29, 2001

As long as you hate, there will be people to hate