on noticed

You tell me you want a woman who’s
As simple as a flower
Well, if you want me to act like that
You’d better pay me by the hour

Don’t want to travel in the danger zone
Take another number
Don’t want a lover who can hold her own
Baby, step aside if you don’t want to ride

Wild women do and they don’t regret it
Wild women show what they’re goin’ through
Wild women do what you think they’ll never
What you only dream about wild women do

You think that love is a vision of
A princess in a picture
Well, let me tell you something, little boy
You wouldn’t know love if it hit ya

Scared of someone who is off the wall
Kickin’ and a screamin’
Don’t you want a lover who can do it all?
Listen to me, Jack, I ain’t holdin’ back


from the mouth of a babe

What I know about men

Pattie Boyd 64, rock star wife and photographer, married twice, now single

pattie boyd dress 8

I didn’t have boyfriends until my late teens. I was at a girls’ boarding school and my stepfather disapproved of me going out with anybody. I never really came across any boys. When I did, one of them asked me out and I was petrified. I felt like a fish out of water and it was excruciating.

My father was with us in the family until I was 10. But I don’t have any recollection of him talking to me or communicating with me. He was very remote. He’d been a pilot in the war and I think he was slightly damaged.

George [Harrison] and I met when I was 19. After two years, we had a nice house and we were decorating it together and it seemed like a natural progression to get married. George was the first person that I properly fell in love with. He almost felt like a brother. I’ve got three brothers and I felt very easy in his company and he was great fun. It was my ideal of what a family life would be but I wasn’t able to have children.

Men find it more difficult than women to be alone. They function better with someone in their lives. Being married they are rooted, so they feel safe to go and do what they want to do. When I married Eric [Clapton] I was dealing with someone who was not well due to alcohol abuse. So a lot of the time I had the upper hand, which I didn’t like. But it was a role that I became used to. And then I needed it. I needed him to be ill for me to feel in control. And that’s a sick relationship.

I think both of the men I married were so unfaithful and destructive because they were adored by hundreds and thousands of people. It’s very seductive, and easy to misbehave. Am I as much to blame? Probably, because I didn’t put my foot down. I didn’t feel that I had the right to. It takes two to tango, and I suppose in a way I colluded with the effect of their huge fame.

I think men are mainly unfaithful because as they get older, they feel the urge to prove to themselves that they are still attractive. They need proof from outside the marriage. It’s really sad. It’s all about them. It’s not about their wives at all. With George and Eric it was simply because they had women telling them how wonderful they were all the time. Women make the mistake of thinking that sex is love. Men are able to be a bit more detached about it.

I read Eric’s autobiography and his description of our marriage. His reflection of it is much colder than I believed he felt at the time. I fell into his seductive trap and I believed it, whereas reading his book it seemed like he had forgotten how he was when we were together. Women hang onto the romanticism of a relationship. But a man compartmentalises it into the past and then gets on with his new life. I wasn’t very happy with his version of events.

I’d say I had the greatest passion and chemistry of my life with George. I think I was a romantic inspiration to Eric and George because I gave as much as I could to them both, to the detriment of myself. I was always there for them. Which I think is really what a muse is. You are living your life for somebody else.

I don’t know if one has choices about men or whether life is mapped out for us, and you meet somebody and there is chemistry and that’s it. You think you’ve chosen them, but maybe you were meant to be with them anyway. But I do know that I wouldn’t go for somebody now who drinks too much. I’d like to go for a man who is a grown-up. But there are not many of them. That’s why I’m on my own.



meanwhile, in faceplace…

  • post by punanymous1Jennifer, I found a yoga class for you. 
  • me: when God first came to me he told me “remember you’re not just a porn star” this baffled the hell out of me thought “uh yeah – that’s never gonna happen” later he said he wanted to see me dancing naked under the stars – at that point in my life i would never have exposed my body in that way – i thought “i don’t want to be one of those crazy ladies in a field twirling strangely”- but then, he slyly began preparing me for the camera and getting to appreciate and feel confident in my body over the course of 6 months and well….eventually he put me to work  its funny when people ask what got me into it and i say “God made me do it” and i thank him for the courage to overcome my silly disbeliefs in my own courage – i fought off a lot of demons with my nakedness literally and figuratively but it fit with my issues and causes. i won’t say its for everyone but everyone should feel so empowered
  • post by punanymous3: I can’t view it but it reminded me of a conversation here
What is this video, this mishmash of sexy and yoga that isn’t much of either?
  • punanymous2: it’s regular yoga but naked.. hey if you have the body for it.. I would do it too.
  •  me: what’s great is that porn is changing – this is a step in that direction  the younger generations want a different kind of connection – they appreciate sensuality, shape and movement – they’re much more in tune and not as aggressive as their fathers and the generations of s&m, torture, etc. they have unique bonds with their mother’s (most of them raised by single ones) so they have respect for women but are also leary of them – they feel insecure without ideal role models and love to study the habits of women to help them understand better – the 30 somethings are studious voyeurs – but don’t use the term stalker (though it’s how most of them learn) their just embarrassed to admit what they don’t know – they still want to appear manly  they want to know that a woman is “normal” and not always looking for someone to call daddy or look like a street walker for – i think they find it unappealing and too domineering. with me they look for emotional connection and someone they can relate more to – if that doesn’t happen they feel shame in what they are doing
  •   me: playboy also advocates onetaste (teaches orgasmic meditation for women – partners learn how to please and “worship” the vagina and female orgasm) for which i am grateful, they started growing quickly in the last couple of years https://jennyprintz.wordpress.com/…/the-missing-nutrient/(not promoting playboy but i understand it’s role in male sex education – they can’t learn that stuff from their mommas ;))


It sounds mysterious at first – but the truth is it works. The disease scurvy ki…See more
  • punanymous1: the article was actually pretty thoughtful.
  •   me: i like how he made mention of noticing her insecurities – it is hard to do yoga on cam (for me because i interact with my “students”) my main practice is to be genuine, in everything – i’ll put on a show if they want but when they ask for the true story i want them to get the right info – i have a lot of empath clients and they pick up on these things

be a big boy and take it into your own hands

Is my penis/vulva normal?

Questions about genitals are common and they often relate to their appearance rather than function, particularly penis and labia size. Often young people are comparing themselves with what they see in porn (which is often more diverse than people give it credit for), and this can lead to anxiety that their genitals don’t look “normal”. However young people don’t really get to see other “real-life” genitals, so they have little to compare with. I explain that although there are average sizes and shapes, there is also a broad range. I focus more on the function of genitals and how they feel. Challenging the idea of “normal” and also pointing out how similar the penis and clitoris are can be helpful. And it’s more inclusive for people with DSD (disorder of sex development).

curious about peni? dont’ leave it in the hands of cam girls – some will lie to make money and if you ask in free chat it’s not a conversation we want to have in front of our other customers, especially if i’m unsure of your degree of insecurity and stability. google it for yourself – there are plenty of free sites where you can find guys jacking off – personally i would never use them so they must be there for some reason ;) but i had the same worries when i started getting on cam. is my vagina normal? what about the flappy things? i’d even once considered mutilating myself by having them removed (FUCK THAT!!!) but i’d never seen many vaginas until i started looking at other girls web pages to see how they behaved on cam and got glimpses of their videos, most of what i saw was just not my style but we don’t get a training class when we start, it’s straight onto live broadcasting so i picked up some tips that now are ridiculous to me but i didn’t realize at the beginning that just being myself was sensual enough – i just don’t look at girls that way but now i can decipher between crap and genuine sexuality. it’s hard for me to be aroused by porn anymore. my imagination is much hotter and tailored to me.

guys come into cams for so many reasons – it’s not just sex, it’s just an icebreaker for them to start a convo mostly. most guys in the phase of showing their cock want a review of it. or if i’m looking at another one they become curious, usually first they assume it’s bigger than theirs and get pouty. some guys come in and use the same line of “would you ever want to meet me?” this is code for “do you think i’m pretty”   fuck…..the single mother epidemic is beginning to show it’s later signs of influence. i’m sure your father’s were just as insecure but not as vocal so i guess it’s a good sign overall ;)