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  • post by punanymous1Jennifer, I found a yoga class for you. 
  • me: when God first came to me he told me “remember you’re not just a porn star” this baffled the hell out of me thought “uh yeah – that’s never gonna happen” later he said he wanted to see me dancing naked under the stars – at that point in my life i would never have exposed my body in that way – i thought “i don’t want to be one of those crazy ladies in a field twirling strangely”- but then, he slyly began preparing me for the camera and getting to appreciate and feel confident in my body over the course of 6 months and well….eventually he put me to work  its funny when people ask what got me into it and i say “God made me do it” and i thank him for the courage to overcome my silly disbeliefs in my own courage – i fought off a lot of demons with my nakedness literally and figuratively but it fit with my issues and causes. i won’t say its for everyone but everyone should feel so empowered
  • post by punanymous3: I can’t view it but it reminded me of a conversation here
What is this video, this mishmash of sexy and yoga that isn’t much of either?
  • punanymous2: it’s regular yoga but naked.. hey if you have the body for it.. I would do it too.
  •  me: what’s great is that porn is changing – this is a step in that direction  the younger generations want a different kind of connection – they appreciate sensuality, shape and movement – they’re much more in tune and not as aggressive as their fathers and the generations of s&m, torture, etc. they have unique bonds with their mother’s (most of them raised by single ones) so they have respect for women but are also leary of them – they feel insecure without ideal role models and love to study the habits of women to help them understand better – the 30 somethings are studious voyeurs – but don’t use the term stalker (though it’s how most of them learn) their just embarrassed to admit what they don’t know – they still want to appear manly  they want to know that a woman is “normal” and not always looking for someone to call daddy or look like a street walker for – i think they find it unappealing and too domineering. with me they look for emotional connection and someone they can relate more to – if that doesn’t happen they feel shame in what they are doing
  •   me: playboy also advocates onetaste (teaches orgasmic meditation for women – partners learn how to please and “worship” the vagina and female orgasm) for which i am grateful, they started growing quickly in the last couple of years…/the-missing-nutrient/(not promoting playboy but i understand it’s role in male sex education – they can’t learn that stuff from their mommas ;))

It sounds mysterious at first – but the truth is it works. The disease scurvy ki…See more
  • punanymous1: the article was actually pretty thoughtful.
  •   me: i like how he made mention of noticing her insecurities – it is hard to do yoga on cam (for me because i interact with my “students”) my main practice is to be genuine, in everything – i’ll put on a show if they want but when they ask for the true story i want them to get the right info – i have a lot of empath clients and they pick up on these things

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