…but i’m not the only one

Anonymous1: Can you all share here different techniques to open the third eye… I obviously don’t need it.. But I have a friend he is having a difficult time. My techniques don’t seem to help him. So I was wondering if all my sisters here had other ways it can be done..

  •  anonymous2: I’ve got this book,’Stacey Wolf’s Guide to Psychic Living. A Complete Guide to enhancing Your Life With Universal Energy’ which I’ve been thumbing through, trying to find something to help your friend. I’ve been reminded of some things I haven’t done in decades superknowingly, cause I think I tend to take things for granted. So Excuse me if I outline how to suck eggs.. but here is some really basic stuff. Has your friend identified with their talent? Some people don’t see at all, except maybe in dreams.. By developing a ‘natural’ affinity ability, it makes them open and receptive to developing another latent talent. I remember starting with making a specific time every day, a routine, where I would create a protection space through prayer, meditate, using a nature sounds/music background tape and sit for 20-30 minutes a day focusing on contacting my ‘healing guides’ with the goal to send people healing energy. This helped motivate me because I felt I had to be relied on and made me conscientious to keep as much to the set time as possible.I feel the routine set the intention of; ‘This is my time for development’. I then journaled my experiences to keep track of impressions. I remember in the beginning I felt spinning and vertigo, and saw some colors. Every little thought/impression I tried to write down. Before I started writing, I gave thanks to my guides and the Creator and closed the space and myself down. I drank water and stretched and really got back into my body, sometimes even rubbing my feet. By journalling I could keep track of stuff and could see some development which kept me motivated. I just wanted to get the ball rolling and see what others post . 
    • me: yoga nidra is great for 3rd eye work – a quick clearing that i do is to inhale and imagine the breath beginning at the top point of the eyeball and outwardly encircling the eye and coming together at the bridge of the nose as you exhale it through the 3rd eye point – practice until you can feel the energy encompassing your whole body as it it inhales around the eye and exhale that force through the 3rd eye to clear the full channel – it should give the sense that you can inhale from the 3rd eye point
    • anonymous3I think maybe a lot of people don’t realize that they do ‘see’ a lot already, but brush it off as their own ideas, imaginations, dreams, daydreams, thoughts, etc. I could be wrong, I wouldn’t call myself a clairvoyant and I am just now starting to think that a lot of what I see isn’t just stuff I make up. Personally, I think working with visualization, and using imagination, goes a long way to helping open your 3rd eye. A while back, Erik helped me by telling me that I need to imagine something, ANYTHING, and just go with it, and it would take on a life of it’s own and flow from there. For example, I would imagine/visualize a meadow, and a nice big tree with a bench under it. I would see myself sitting there and see Erik coming to sit with me. I would get into details like how the wind felt blowing in my hair, the sun shining and it’s warmth on my arm, the leaves swaying…and then Erik would take on a life of his own and start talking and interacting with me and the whole setting would change. I created the initial setting, but from there, once you get into a relaxed state and stop trying to control it, it just becomes it’s own animated thing, and it actually worked for me. 

      So, some people may only be able to see that way, with “imagination”. I can do it with eyes open or closed, but closed works better. I don’t know how it works for clairvoyants, as I can’t see spirit unless I visualize first and create it. Do they just see spirits and whatever else, with their eyes open as if it were a physical thing in their room? Like how Jamie sees Erik sitting on her couch, without having to use imagination or visualization to create it initially, it’s just already there? I wish I could see my guides and other spirit. So, if someone wanted me to bring in their grandmother, I wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ her and how she looks, I could only imagine and create it, and hope that she pops up and takes over in my imagination, and describe what I see and maybe just maybe, it would be accurate. I don’t know, because I’ve only ever done it with Erik and I already knew what he looked like from pictures. But it’s a starting point to practice. 
      But anyway, tell your friend to meditate, visualize, and do things to decalcify the pineal gland. And most of all, don’t place too much importance or rush on it, because when you try too hard to do something, you end up trying to control it and can’t get relaxed enough to allow it to happen, because of the fear of failing or fear of not doing it right or enough.I just really think that dreams, visualizations, imagination, and ideas/visions that pop up in your mind, are all things you see with your third eye. Maybe if someone told your friend that, it would help him understand how to practice ‘seeing’?
      Wow, what a ramble LOL jeezuss! I type too fast  I wonder if any of what I just typed makes sense, but I’m not about to go back and read it haha
  •  anonymous1: I think he is VERY Gifted and I would totally do it for him, but he lives far away at the moment so I was wondering if people here had other ways of doing things..
  • me: ah – the foot rubbing – yes, if he’s too much in his head he could just be swirling in the 3rd eye energy and need grounding to be able to project rather than float – i make sure i oil my feet after a shower – keeping the sensitivity in that area will keep you aware of staying grounded and is a soothing/nurturing practice – i feel static-y if i skip it
  • anonymous1: I told him all that already, but he has an over active mind.. super analyses everything. He will just have to be patient until he can come visit me.. I aways thought balancing your chakras was easy, I suppose it’s not like that for everyone..
  • anonymous1: That is an excellent point Jennifer. I did not think of that!!! Maybe he is not grounding himself!!!! That could be it!!!!
  • me: yeah – sounds like he’s stuck in the 3rd eye – his brain will just have to wear itself out first haha – battle of will! this is a tough one for me when it comes to the men
  • anonymous1: yes.. men are so different when it comes to this stuff, plus he is young so inpatient.. I remember my daughter use to get mad at me because I made it all look easy.. the young people tend to want magic to happen immediately. His thoughts won’t let him relax enough to visualize anything.. quieting the mind is so beneficial when working with spirit..
  • me: when starting out in cams i was amazed when i realized how they like to sex talk, starting from one point of the body and bringing attention to the different parts along the way – it’s very much like the way we guide students into yoga nidra – i’m not saying give him sex talk lol but it’s one of the ways men quiet their minds and reconnect without even realizing what they’re doing is so similar to spiritual work  great time to get them to open up too – cool to see the applications used in such a variety of ways
  • anonymous1: LOL I need lesson’s on sex talk..
  • me: you and me both – haha – i’ve learned a lot from the guys but i’m rusty when i’m out of practice. sometimes i say shit that is so stupid and wonder why the guys stick around – sometimes i surprise myself. the easy way is to imagine tracing your finger from head to toe and just describing the landscape as you go – they are looking for a smooth line of rythym to follow more so than the wording  that’s more a matter of taste and depends on the phase they’re in
  • anonymous3LoL! My brother just posted this…sync! http://www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com/2014/04/activate-your-pineal-gland.html

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