fiche hooker

guy 1:
Nice things on your web site. Great body.Is that robot you?
thank you! haven’t you seen my last video?i am not a robot! lol no it was just something funnyi found – wheni began doing camsi could just see the future of men fucking computers instead of women lol

Apr. 30 1:44 PM

saw your video on hair pulling during sex… I thought the way you demonstrated was the only way to do it! people are clueless sometimes as to what something feels like…
it’s sometimes hard for guys to be empathic to girls because they are so caught up in their own mind and sometimes insecurity -i was surprised too that no one knew the correct way – the guy who did it right was british – when it comes to americans its like they don’t have their own human body and can’t relate to one….very strange

Apr. 30 1:55 PM

guy 3:
how are you.Thanks for that tip on hair pulling.Did you ever look at kama sutra???

you’re welcome :) and of course i’ve seen the kama sutra! the first time was when i was 11 years old, my best friends parents were very liberal and never hid any information from us and they had a book in their house she introduced me to – you don’t forget something like that ;) i am a yoga teacher so it fits in well with that but i’ve had 2 really passionate lovers in my life so we’ve accomplished most of them – that was 10 years ago – things have changed so i’m trying to revive them 

Apr. 30 1:58 PM



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