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“The mind that is steady stays in its own lane. It cannot be swept away by an impulsive desire or fear; it cannot be haunted by an unpleasant memory or by anxiety about the future. There is no skill more worth learning than the art of directing attention as we choose.” – Eknath Easwaren

Imagine you are driving on a busy roadway. There is a car that you see coming up from behind that is driving dangerously. He darts back and forth with no warning. Speeds up and slows down abruptly.Drifts into another lane and then over corrects. He’s an accident waiting to happen and a danger to everyone else around him. Your natural instinct is to stay as far away from him as possible.

Now, lets compare this driver to you and your attention. If you observe the flow of your attention, how much like this crazy driver is it? Does it easily drift off course? Does it dart from subject to subject? Is it easily distracted by the myriad forms of entertainment constantly competing for a bit of it? A painful memory grabs it, a worrisome projection yanks it away, a comment or action of another person pulls it into judgment, you see another person that you think has it better than you and you’re sucked into self-criticism mode. Is it any wonder there are so many personality collisions on a daily basis when not just one or two, but almost all drivers are driving through life this way, with so little control over their attention?


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“I’m telling you this because I know I’m not the only one who came of age like this. Up and through male violence. I’m telling you because there are all the things that need to be done “out there” to stop it. But then there are also all the things that needed to be done in me. To stop it.

Listen, these are not the sad stories. Worse things happened to me. Those aren’t the sad stories either.  These stories don’t carry the pathos to signify culturally in my culture. These stories I’m telling you are commonplace. That’s the point. They just happen and you live them and as you go you have to decide who you want to be.”

“To be honest, the first reason I understand the complexities of male violence against girls and women is that I went to college and read a shit ton of books—and even that wasn’t enough education—I went to graduate school, where finally, finally, the books that I read and the films that I watched and the art that I experienced and the teachers that I had showed me just how not normal male violence against girls and women—or boys and men—is. Ever. And yet at the same time, the more conscious I became, the more I also understood that the pervasiveness of that violence has saturated the entire culture. It’s both omnipresent, and unbelievably invisible in its dispersed and sanctioned forms. So many times the cult of good citizenship covering over the atrocities of girls and boys. Mothers who go numb. Counselors who ask the wrong questions. Coaches and priests and teachers whose desires are costumed and sanctified by their authority. Neighbors who go blind and deaf. Paying bills. Drinking lattes.”


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Crystal solids with flat sides like salt are symmetrical in shape because their molecules are arranged in a repeating pattern of positive and negative ions; the bonds between these electrons and protons are formed from electrostatic forces. Salt crystals are always cube-shaped, though impurities can cause crystals to grow into jagged chunks. 

ascension into crystalline cell transformation/reformation:

We’ve been well-trained to not receive the awesome energies that are actually available to us.  energies coming from the sources beyond the earth.”

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a recently made, online friend passed a couple of days ago, but the day before her passing had posted in a group for the channeling erik fb page about a heart balloon that was following her around and was a message/presence confirming sign of love and comfort from loved ones passed. i replied telling her about some similar signs i’d experienced and her post brought to mind. the next day someone commented that she had passed and i replied that i would def be keeping an eye out for heart balloons.
i’ve been in the hospital for a couple of days and haven’t had any visitors (physical ones anyway lol) i don’t mind (anytime i’ve been in the hospital it’s been alone) but i’m sure with the look of my swollen face and being alone people are feeling a little bad for me – the floor director just came in my room with a gift – a “thinking of you” balloon tied to a Ty (thank you) beanie baby (red heart tag) the most adorable little turtle (has great meaning to me as of lately) when god came to me he made me get rid of a stuffed animal that was with me since i was 1 year old and my best comforter and confidant this little turtle shares that spirit  thanks for making the rounds so quickly kris xox 

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i typed a comment from her then went to take the tags off and noticed…its from the ‘boo’ collection :)

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