10K run

this is by far my most popular video – pretty funny, i can imagine what people think when they might expect something diff from the cover shot lol – but it’s made a pretty steady climb in the last couple of months so hopefully it’s spreading laughs and silliness –  i thought i’d throw it up to race to the 10K view. why not? just to enjoy sharing a small collaborative effort :)

bottom’s up!


 whats the point of the video? :) and ignore the hateful comments, you look good and move well to the music, but for real whats the point?
Jae-B All

the song fits my journey and i like to post things that may seem ridiculous and silly so that others may begin to attempt and feel just the smallest bit more comfortable being silly and spontaneous themselves and just have fun – it’s very healing – when others can laugh at me it’s a small step closer to laughing with yourself – any laugh (or wank) is a good stress release ;)



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