good question

do you add the music after you make the videos? or do you chose it first?
mostly after – there are maybe 3 vids on here with the original song – this one has this song in it although it’s cut up and not the original sequence. the vid, to the nines (also used in 4 reels) and jigglin’ all use the orig songs – the rest just fit the pattern – compare these 2 swv/mj & patterns or angel & lennon’s and strings (i also use it for ‘my sweet lord’) – i almost posted the ‘jenny’ vid with a diff song yesterday :) i like to show the synchronicity of movement to basic existing energy patterns but it’s sometimes hard enough to get most people to sit through one vid much less two of the same ;)
my method is merely to chose the bits i like then find a song afterwards that fits the time length and mood – the rest is magic ;)

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