soldier erik

Erik: But it’s true, though! Everything that has a life force in it, everything that has a soul that can live independently on its own has energy, has a consciousness to it, has a way to telepathically communicate. You know what’s so fucking sweet, Mom, is that science is figuring this out. Science is now saying, “Whoa shit!”

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: I’m trying to [imitate] him. His voice went much higher.

She tries it again, and giggles at her defeat.

Erik: They’re like, “These plants are talking to each other! This plant’s responding to music! This plant is responding to something else like smell.” You know, it’s like, “Everybody has fucking senses here!” You have a life force energy? You got senses. Just, you know, humans, you’re just trying to get out of your heads a little bit. There’s a whole bunch of shit that’s going to be discovered. It’s going to be a killer.


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