i carz

“The mind that is steady stays in its own lane. It cannot be swept away by an impulsive desire or fear; it cannot be haunted by an unpleasant memory or by anxiety about the future. There is no skill more worth learning than the art of directing attention as we choose.” – Eknath Easwaren

Imagine you are driving on a busy roadway. There is a car that you see coming up from behind that is driving dangerously. He darts back and forth with no warning. Speeds up and slows down abruptly.Drifts into another lane and then over corrects. He’s an accident waiting to happen and a danger to everyone else around him. Your natural instinct is to stay as far away from him as possible.

Now, lets compare this driver to you and your attention. If you observe the flow of your attention, how much like this crazy driver is it? Does it easily drift off course? Does it dart from subject to subject? Is it easily distracted by the myriad forms of entertainment constantly competing for a bit of it? A painful memory grabs it, a worrisome projection yanks it away, a comment or action of another person pulls it into judgment, you see another person that you think has it better than you and you’re sucked into self-criticism mode. Is it any wonder there are so many personality collisions on a daily basis when not just one or two, but almost all drivers are driving through life this way, with so little control over their attention?



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