“Initially, humanity developed from the “Grounding” chakra below the feet. Now civilization has evolved beyond the Sixth Indigo Chakra, towards chakras of Pure Light, which bring higher awareness of your Divine Nature within your human body.

We were always Spirit. It needed to be recognized and awakened in the awareness of the human body. At the cellular level, the history of human development has actually been the evolution of the human-DNA.

Each generation uses more of its DNA and genes, which increases perception and brings more awareness to the human-social body. The world has been evolving from early man, through first chakra and red era of cave man. Then migrating to the orange era of the second chakra, Atlantis; then the yellow era of the third chakra, the Ahtan Ra, of the ancient Egyptians. The green era was expressed through the old testament of the Hebrew and Christ Era, unification and Love. Then the blue fifth chakra, which reflects the outpouring nature of the world’s population to communicate that now leads us into the sixth chakra, Indigo Period. Each era is substantially shorter than its previous era, because its evolution accelerates exponentially.”

This brings about the labels you hear about indigo (blue/purple – throat/3rd eye) crystal (violet to golden white – crown) and rainbow (the whole spectrum) children. i’m a crystal child – so are most of you, perhaps maybe still under the indigo influence – we were born of indigos or those stuck in the pure blue era with limitations on their expression (either repression (green) or depression (blue) era – the heart (green) beats on a pulse and causes pressure – so depression is the release of the pressure) it doesn’t matter what year they were born in but the influence they attached to.

era = aura









the mystery of iniquity

mr. e-man:  No, it’s hard being a penis!
Jennifer Guillory

thats what we hope for lol so what’s it like for you – how do you go about talking to a girl or that kind of stuff – if you don’t mind me asking what difficulties to you face – your own or from ‘us’?
mr. e-man:  You can ask anything you like though I don’t fully understand the question
what difficulties are you referring to?
Jennifer Guillory
i feel a lot of compassion for you guys carrying those things around – they are demanding
mr. e-man: They certainly can be
Personally, I’ve never been one to be lead by my urges though
Jennifer Guillory
i hear ya – not all are that strong…yet – like do you find certain ways that girls behave that seem counter active or are there certain issues that guys encounter with women that are ‘universally known’?bc i get to see herds of men at a time i pick up on the collective and shared issues – i’ve wanted to find a way to experience it from the guys side, but i guess i’d have to be a guy to get the reactions i’m seeking

meaning a guy seeing the women in masses

mr. e-man: well, if you could; that definitely would be more insightful
but the thing I see in almost every woman is insecuritiesno matter what you try, they are VERY insecure about almost anything

and even if you prove them wrong and they somehow stop feeling insecure about it, it returns in like… a day

Jennifer Guillory
what the most? looks or security etc?
mr. e-man: looks, feelings, security, trauma’s, …
you name it
Jennifer Guillory
theres a ‘private’ group a woman in CE created that i was in for a while – i def saw a lot of that in there – its hard now to remember what i was like before lol but yeah – i know what you meani see it influencing the men who were more connected to their mothers – the guys that send me cam feed at work mainly do it to see if i think they are pretty

they find many ways to answer that question by disguising it in other questions lol – very resourceful

gotta protect that ego and give it an easy out – is there a parallel to that with women?

mr. e-man: hehehe
guys can be pretty insecure on a sexual level as well thoughyet I assume that is mainly due to a lack of female feedback and the fact that most men can’t seperate a fake orgasm from a real one

Jennifer Guillory
yeah – that’s very understandable – they like ‘knowing’ and its hard to find guidance in that realm- i do what i can
mr. e-man: … or from even hurting a woman. Basically they hear moaning and they’re content
yes!and women have a hard time communicating things in the ‘knowing’ domain

Jennifer Guillory
haha – def – an example – i prefer male dr.’s bc they usually talk to you like you don’t know anything – females tend to ‘assume’ you know what they are talking about bc its so ingrained in usi struggle with it too lol

that is helpful though – id love your input anytime – if a thought pops up please share i’ve been trying to think of ways to help women enjoy sex more – its tough not to come off as crass bc people see sex (or some do) as such a perversion

it is tough on our side bc the male ego is fragile – and we want you to feel like men so you can behave like an animal – finding a balance not to disrupt that waning thread of dignity can be tricky

mr. e-man: Gah, the word “assume”… That alone says enough imo

and women are often too concerned about our feelings.If feelings never get hurt, you don’t grow stronger because of them

the reason that most women have that philosophy is the reason why there are so many “pussy”-males on the planet imho

Jennifer Guillory
more so we just want them to ‘let go’ sex is mainly an outlet to express what we have inside – so many think its an external stimulation and guys tend to hold back with me bc they aren’t used to such expression and seem to want to control or harness my feelings for them, thinking that they caused my reactions and i’m becoming attached
mr. e-man: and also why so many men don’t succeed in providing their women with actual orgasms
Jennifer Guillory
ah – i totally agree with thatand part of my mission – a tough part will be getting the women to drop the power struggle they’ve picked up by adapting to the masculine energy

we need to strengthen the men – not choke hold them. thats what they tried to do and obviously it doesn’t work

mr. e-man: mhm
but men are becoming more feminine on a global scale and to maintain the balance, a lot of women are becoming more masculine
also with the ‘feminization’ going on everywhere
Jennifer Guillory
def – i talk about that a lot – its a tricky subject – i get lots of hate mail lol
mr. e-man: yeah, so many people don’t understand
Jennifer Guillory
because they are insecure like a woman lolso passive aggressive and accuse you of the things they are doing bc they think everyone behaves like they do

mr. e-man: yeah, they’ve become more feminine ergo more insecure
oh passive aggressive definitely!
i dont blame the men for taking on the feminine roles – not too many good male role models and of course they are very loyal to their mothersand the mass of single mom boys is more prevalent than ever

mr. e-man: lack of male role models is a big one
Jennifer Guillory
we need to change the parents – not alter the children
mr. e-man: but also that every woman is on the pill (female hormones), which ends up in the water, globally, which ends up being drank by all men… need I say more?
and also men usually have the ‘easier’ life growing up
Jennifer Guillory
good insight there
mr. e-man: girls are always expected to do everything the mother does but with boys it’s just “boys will be boys” and they can do whatever
and since there’s often no longer army duty or whatevery, they severely lack discipline
Jennifer Guillory
birth control freaks me out – i don’t understand how women don’t use their brains about it – it kills things – and you eat it
mr. e-man: so many people stopped thinking a long time ago…
it’s frigthening indeed
Jennifer Guillory
yes – and want to be models lol (i meant the men, but they are just picking up what their momma’s taught ’em anyway)
mr. e-man: yeah models…
I’d prefer some more ‘real’ shapes instead of anorexic skeletons
its hard to be a girl when a guy is resentful bc he’s jealous and wants the girl roleamen – there is life in fullness

mr. e-man: there is life in abundance
amen to thatyeah… resentment and frustration is well present amongst males

sometimes even jaleousy

whereas girls are véry easily made jaleous

a funny thing I noticed though… Whenever a girl wanted to sleep with me and I wasn’t interested right away, they would always try to make me jaleous xD

I’m not sure if that ever works on other men… I do know it works on women

yeah – that s a tough one to talk about with females – we are taught to wear our makeup so much so that we lie to ourselves about ithaha – not this woman – if you don’t want me – you’re not meant for me and could never appreciate what i am – no hard feelings, just a good filter

mr. e-man: more women should be like that
Jennifer Guillory
some guys on cams get off on the jealousy thing too – very odd
mr. e-man: and yeah, I know woman who are in a relationship for over a year and have never shown their face to their bf without make-up…
Jennifer Guillory
i’m not the type so it confuses the hell outta me lolyeah – its really backwards – i don’t feel comfortable being ‘pretty’ in public unless i’m with someone – otherwise i feel like i’m baiting – and i don’t want a fool who falls for that shit –

its like i can only be a girl in the fake sense – its opened my eyes to see that the guys struggle with the same – i just want to sit them all down and be like ‘we need to talk’ of course that seems to scare them or make them feel like i’m pulling a power hold like the others – hard to break that boundary, so i keep trying to refine my approach…its a journey for sure

tips are welcomed anytime and you’ve given me a lot to ponder on xox
actually – can i share this convo? i’ll keep you anonymous

mr. e-man: you can share whatever you like

if it helps people, I’m glad to be of service

and yeah… our society lacks “genuinity” on almost every level

basically dating has become; how does my fake personality match your fake personality?

Jennifer Guillory
haha monkey see monkey do

mr. e-man: and then they both gradually start building down to their true selves (not too fast … obviosly …) and see to what extent they remain compatible

from a logic perspective… it’s beyond insane

And no worries, the journey never ends

Jennifer Guillory
retahded – guys always want a concrete label before they will begin to show their vulnerability – but thats what i need to see to have any opinion – its not a theatre role you audition for – girls have began to copy that thinking its what men want – can’t wait for this mess to straighten itself out

mr. e-man: I can only hope it’ll be anytime soon

Yet I don’t dare even close to expect that

and yeah, showing yourself vulnerable might get you hurt… big time

besides most females don’t like a men who is vulnerable or at least to more than a small degree

it’s a huge turn-off

they don’t want a wimp, they want a man.

Jennifer Guillory
i guess i used the wrong word there – very true, though i like the confidence of being able to release knowing it makes you stronger – but what i mean is that a man won’t show his interest unless he feels secure that its wanted – but its his actions that will attract me – not the contemplation of them

like with yoga or channelling – you can analyze it all you want but you only get the benefits if you DO THE PRACTICE

so on cams i’m a station to practice opening that door for some
mr. e-man: Heh, I might be in lots of that myself then

But yeah, ‘men’ aren’t that much ‘men’ as ‘men’ used to be xD

aka males aren’t that much alpha as the previous generation

Jennifer Guillory which is a good break off, and i don’t blame them – its just that they only had their mothers to lean on – now they behave like women with the expectations of a ‘man’ or the delusional expectations of a man that the women in their life (betrayed by men) think a ‘man’ should be

mr. e-man: you lost me there a little

but the balance is definitely skewed if not completely f*cked up

basically there has been a structural problem with the past generation of male parents which is now blatantly showing

Jennifer Guillory
that, they are taught by women who’ve been left by their fathers either for the girlfriend outside of the wife that the ‘alpha males’ tended to do. so the women who raise them have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to men – so they have to create a new expectation of their sons because they want to avoid them turning into the men that betrayed them. when the reason the males left n the first [lace was not out of aggression but weakness, the qualities are still the same, but if they are just ignored the problem still cycles through that males life but in other ways (or some cases exactly the same) though they may have different reasons for doing what they do – it stems from the unresolved issues that their mothers were too afraid to face because of the hurt

mr. e-man: hurt and pain… the cause of so many issues

so that led to men being raised ‘pussies’

which offset the balance increasing the need for ‘bad-boys’

which leads to a lot of men being inauthentic xD

what an awesome system

Jennifer Guillory
or maybe not even that the father left but still had the same ‘alpha’ values as the prev generation and they decide it’s not the role model for them – they become advocates for their mother’s but also resent their mothers on a deeper level because she appears weak to be with a man they don’t want to emulate

bad boys haha – boys is right – silliness – guys think calling me a bad girl is a turn on – i don’t know what that even means really lol. i’m a nice person and i like sex – i didn’t know that was a contradiction

mr. e-man: yeah, lots of people like to ‘talk dirty’

if only they discovered sex on a deeper level

Jennifer Guillory
dirty talk is just verbal practice for those too insecure for the physical – the generation before us was so wordy – everyones a writer and cares or has issues with public speaking – i need to create a chart to show them the themes of the different generations – its flows with and follows the cakra system

mr. e-man: charts are always helpful in our visual society

so go for it

and yeah, a lot of people are being told to “shut up” and what not

why do you think blue is such a popular colour nowadays?

Jennifer Guillory

exactly!!!! we come from the throat cakra generation

mr. e-man: Dw, I’m still thinking about helping someone open their chakra’s… xD

Jennifer Guillory
oh me too hon lol – lucky girl

mr. e-man: Hehe gotta find one first though xD

and I’m not way as comfortable around the whole subject as you are

Though I never stand in the way of intelligent conversation

but my dear Jennifer, my shift is up

Time for me to head home

I wish you a very enjoyable and horny evening xD


And feel free to chat anytime

Jennifer Guillory
it’s difficult – i try not to get too into it with guys i’m with – i don’t want to sleep with a student or feel like a mommy – i’m not aggressive and want the guy to take his part so it’s more of a psychic nudging lol – thanks for the chat! i appreciate your input – very intelligent hope you have a good night too :) xox and same here – drop a line or thought anytime


the dance


The lower three ‘ordinary’ chakras are all linked to, and reflected in, the upper three ‘non-ordinary’ chakras. In the case of the solar plexus chakra this means that it is linked to the brow chakra which contains the soul’s knowledge and information received via the solar plexus chakra is checked out by the mind and mental information is checked out by the intuitive solar plexus chakra. The health of the mental brow chakra is required to keep order and define reality.

If the solar plexus is fully functioning the individual should experience a fulfilling emotional life whilst not being overwhelmed. Whereas if the solar plexus chakra is open, but not protected, the individual may experience extreme emotions and feel buffeted by outside influences. If both the sacral chakra and the heart chakra are open, but the intervening solar plexus chakra is blocked, this will lead to problems with the individual not being able to express their love sexually or being able to relate sex to love.

Orgasm is said to be a discharge of energies between the sacral and solar plexus chakras which revitalises the body causing the energies to be cleansed and, as such, is vital to healthy function.

When we are born an energetic umbilicus remains between our mothers and ourselves and this is attached to the solar plexus chakra. And, as we go through life, attachments to others form in this way with stronger and more etheric cords being formed as we form close relationships. As relationships come to a close, these cords can be seen to disconnect or to be severed and this is a necessary process to moving on with our lives.


collaborative channel

some people choose not to believe in god bc they feel unworthy – they put up barriers like other idols (god’s light is too bright so they look for a filter to keep parts of themselves in shadow) ex. claiming to be or speak to arch angels, alien chiefs or choosing a lower level of class in a structured system they use to measure “god” or “the source” (without recognizing the possibility that this belief may just be a learning situation or rung in your ladder on your malleable path to better understanding) is like saying you aren’t good enough or that you need the reputation of others to carry you because you can’t see your own worth (they represent the steps to enlightenment based on what value you assign them), if you don’t acknowledge the god in you then you are telling god you don’t need it and he wont force himself on you he will just respectfully withdraw and let you try to do it without it, although nothing you do will be of any consequence to him or those he protects, you will just encounter spiritual distress. he knows our hearts and can tell our true intentions and he will respect them. not every soul makes it to the other side. you will decide this by your innermost desires and whether or not they are truly in line with “the good of all” and whether your actions are based on temporary satisfaction or the long term goal. this isn’t to say that what our society considers to be “bad” people will perish and only the “holy” or those wearing that mask will prevail.  dismissing god and claiming to be a deity or leader without his collaboration is the highest form of self denial and masking. anyone able to tap into true power will recognize his energy undeniably – god doesn’t want credit, but for us to understand how much one can love, as he loves us, even if we are “bad” (he creates these situations to test our feelings or remorse level about it) once they are capable of understanding the smallest fraction of his love they will be able to give it – without understanding or working with him their intentions are unjust and selfish (notoriety/attention or control). we are made in his image, meaning that he was once like us. if he were anything other than that, then we wouldn’t be what we are. if you are able to distinguish a “god source” then this means it has it’s own unique presence – that is an entity and will have it’s own “personality” if god weren’t able to have a distinction or “personality” then we would only understand the energies of humans and unable to differentiate from each other or the spirits on the other side. god wants to be loved just as we do – in every sense – god can have a romantic love just as we do and because he has his own sense of self he would be able to. how often does anyone think of god as a person? he can be whatever gender he wants – if he falls in love with a heterosexual woman being that means he would choose to be a hetero male, etc. by doing this he would give the role of female god to his partner. together they make the whole. he knows our hearts, he knows what he’s doing and has been doing it longer than all humankind that ever existed combined. if there were no god and we only speak to deceased spirits then whoever died first as a human (or alien, animal, dried leaf or whatever..god connects to all species – those who believe in evolution should be able to understand that it had to start with “something”…..hmmmm) would be considered the most revered, experienced or knowledgeable right? in our cultural structure that would be correct. why is it so outrageous to have A god? it’s not to say that multiple gods would be wrong but even then it’s just one whole split into sections to be able to explain to our feeble minds all that the One can accomplish. we are all made to be artists and artisans – any formulation you can apply to one skill can be used for another – it’s just a matter of how you choose to spend your “time” (father time) some like to devote all energies on one in hopes to be “the best” (insecurity fuels this need) but limiting yourself to a label is negligence of your other gifts. it’s funny that people devote their images or reputations to fit to a “structure” they don’t honestly believe in and pride themselves on finding “loopholes without consequence”. if there is one thing to take away from this is that you can’t hide ANYTHING  in the big picture. their actions, judgements and envy of others, speak otherwise – this dishonesty causes a disconnect and dis-ease and destruction. cleverness doesn’t hide our intention from God – if you do it because it’s necessary for immediate survival or well being then you are doing it to preserve life (and probably willing to accept the consequences as a fair trade), if you are doing it out of greed and the ability to show off how cunning you are that is selfish and self-destructive.  you must first be willing to be honest with yourselves before spirit will attempt to help you, otherwise they would be intruding and you would be a struggle (possibly for their own learning curve)