“Initially, humanity developed from the “Grounding” chakra below the feet. Now civilization has evolved beyond the Sixth Indigo Chakra, towards chakras of Pure Light, which bring higher awareness of your Divine Nature within your human body.

We were always Spirit. It needed to be recognized and awakened in the awareness of the human body. At the cellular level, the history of human development has actually been the evolution of the human-DNA.

Each generation uses more of its DNA and genes, which increases perception and brings more awareness to the human-social body. The world has been evolving from early man, through first chakra and red era of cave man. Then migrating to the orange era of the second chakra, Atlantis; then the yellow era of the third chakra, the Ahtan Ra, of the ancient Egyptians. The green era was expressed through the old testament of the Hebrew and Christ Era, unification and Love. Then the blue fifth chakra, which reflects the outpouring nature of the world’s population to communicate that now leads us into the sixth chakra, Indigo Period. Each era is substantially shorter than its previous era, because its evolution accelerates exponentially.”

This brings about the labels you hear about indigo (blue/purple – throat/3rd eye) crystal (violet to golden white – crown) and rainbow (the whole spectrum) children. i’m a crystal child – so are most of you, perhaps maybe still under the indigo influence – we were born of indigos or those stuck in the pure blue era with limitations on their expression (either repression (green) or depression (blue) era – the heart (green) beats on a pulse and causes pressure – so depression is the release of the pressure) it doesn’t matter what year they were born in but the influence they attached to.

era = aura









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