the dance


The lower three ‘ordinary’ chakras are all linked to, and reflected in, the upper three ‘non-ordinary’ chakras. In the case of the solar plexus chakra this means that it is linked to the brow chakra which contains the soul’s knowledge and information received via the solar plexus chakra is checked out by the mind and mental information is checked out by the intuitive solar plexus chakra. The health of the mental brow chakra is required to keep order and define reality.

If the solar plexus is fully functioning the individual should experience a fulfilling emotional life whilst not being overwhelmed. Whereas if the solar plexus chakra is open, but not protected, the individual may experience extreme emotions and feel buffeted by outside influences. If both the sacral chakra and the heart chakra are open, but the intervening solar plexus chakra is blocked, this will lead to problems with the individual not being able to express their love sexually or being able to relate sex to love.

Orgasm is said to be a discharge of energies between the sacral and solar plexus chakras which revitalises the body causing the energies to be cleansed and, as such, is vital to healthy function.

When we are born an energetic umbilicus remains between our mothers and ourselves and this is attached to the solar plexus chakra. And, as we go through life, attachments to others form in this way with stronger and more etheric cords being formed as we form close relationships. As relationships come to a close, these cords can be seen to disconnect or to be severed and this is a necessary process to moving on with our lives.



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