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this guy offers me a job a week ago – not very professional….but i get all kinds of attempts at attention – some of them are way overworked, most of them are never direct

OK awesome I will start you out with a two hour trial run..I will pay you $20 and we will see what you can generate.. let me know when you’re available and I will call you and we can arrange a two hour session ..you must have a laptop with you.  let me know
my sched is open all week except tues afternoon and thurs morning

Jun. 29 10:09 PM

What if you’re busy on a hot date…

Jun. 30 4:17 PM 

i don’t ever go on dates – are you really wanting my help?

Jul. 01 12:52 PM



Yes indeed I want your help..this week for sure ..im just a busy man right now.. I was just joshin ya about the hot date..I mean this is a dating website that we met on..and you are extremely beautiful ..and that = dates lol.. I will keep it professional if you wish. How has your day been?

Jul. 01 4:40 PM 

i don’t mind banter – i was just expecting a call or email if you wanted me to work with you – i don’t really check this thing – just use it for blog exposure – personally i do cam work bc there are no men out there – think about it – our busiest work times are when most people go on dates – we just babysit the ones with out them – we don’t find men that can appreciate us well enough so we teach the undeveloped. if there were any good men around i wouldn’t have time to work on cams or post on dating sites – see what i’m getting at? 

Jul. 05 11:20 AM


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