all around the world, the same song

FFFFFFFF: i did some stretching this morning. ouch im so stressed

Jennifer: why so stressed? i need some lovin’

FFFFFFFF: too much working and working out. what u mean angel?

Jennifer: someone caressing and kissing on me

FFFFFFFF: sounds so cool. i d love it

Jennifer: me too

FFFFFFFF: id like to be that one

Jennifer: come over here
FFFFFFFF: mmm sounds teasing :) u know u turn me on :P. id like to feel my lips all over your skin
Jennifer: mmmm i’d like that too
FFFFFFFF: id like to lay u down on bed on stomach
and slowly kissing u from neck to feet
kissing and licking your btfl booty too

then would like u to relax and lemme eat u

kissing n licking on you

till u have a deep orgasm on me
Jennifer: yes please
FFFFFFFF: im getting horny just saying u
dunno how much i would eat that pussy
Jennifer: i need a guy like you xx
FFFFFFFF: i need a girl like u. hehe what u mean like me?
Jennifer: someone not afraid to worship my body
FFFFFFFF: afraid? wow why?
Jennifer: most guys are just insecure and not sure if they “do it right” so they tend to stick to a checklist or rules other people make up
FFFFFFFF: lol when i see a btfl girl like u i can’t think about anything else than u
it s impossible for me to think anything else
if i got a goddess like u in froth of me
sex doesn’t have rules
every ppl is diff
sharing is the key
u have to brainily connect to the other ppl and share what u like dislike etc
Jennifer: i know that but doesn’t seem like many guys get it
FFFFFFFF: i know u know it
im sorry if guys don’t get it
i insicure too i mean i don’t think im perfect or im a god.. but if i have something i wanna share it with my partner
if she refuses me prob she is not a right girl for me
Jennifer: i just need to be touched – my body craves it but its hard to find someone who will be natural about it – they all behave like its a performance and they are being judged
FFFFFFFF: i had a gf in spain
she didn’t like to talk about stuff between us
and even sex failed because of it
Jennifer: what didn’t she like to talk about?

FFFFFFFF: i mean.. u know when u feel something is not wrong or else.. u girls usually want us to ind everything without a word.. just looking at u but at the beginning of a relationship it s very hard
i find it s important to care about a girl and i do
but im really sorry if i m not always catching anything a girl think without a word, sometimes i need to hear that or talk about

Jennifer: do you ever cheat on girls?

FFFFFFFF: no never

Jennifer: what about fantasy?

FFFFFFFF: if watching porns and masturbate isn’t a cheat

Jennifer: is it something you share with them?

FFFFFFFF: what u mean

Jennifer: do you tell them about the porn and masturbating?
or should we just know that from a look?

FFFFFFFF: i don’t like to do it cause im shy about it and i think they could have a bad opinion about me
but if she really needs me to tell her i do

Jennifer: you only think they will think that bc you see it as bad – let go of the shame

FFFFFFFF: even if i feel it like a violence cause it s raking my privacy
i had girls who thought it was bad
that s why
i have no prob with my body
i masturbate regularly

Jennifer: but you can’t judge all girls on those

FFFFFFFF: even when envolved if i feel horny and i can’t share it with my partner cause she is away or else..

Jennifer: but do you tell her later?

FFFFFFFF: it s my way to unstress myself before i go out or i could do as many ppl do cheating and fucking other girls

Jennifer: i understand the physical need – i’m just trying to help others change the perception

FFFFFFFF: i prefer when i can’t fuck my girl to masturbate if can’t resist my hot mood instead of fucking another girl

Jennifer : if most can get rid of the shame then they can implement it more fully into their lives and we won’t be left in these situations

FFFFFFFF: i have a really good relationship with my body in this way
i don’t really think it s bad
and i think it s a good thing for girls too

Jennifer: its not bad – you just shouldn’t need to hide or lie, that promotes bad character

FFFFFFFF: but in italy we have the CURCH and POPE and VATICAN
u know
all this old shit

Jennifer: i know it :)

FFFFFFFF: i dont wanna hide it
i don’t wanna either show it to everyone
i just masturbate and don’t care

Jennifer: i’m not picking on you – i talk about this a lot – bigger issue here in the states

FFFFFFFF: if my gf has a prob with it i can’t do a lot to solve it
cause i t s hard for me to don’t fuck or masturbate
: im horny all the time.. im young and got a lot of testo because of my fitness stuff and my work out

Jennifer: no, that’s a natural process that shouldn’t be hindered – physically or emotionally, that’s the point

FFFFFFFF: i mean i got lot of vigor

Jennifer: haha – i see that

FFFFFFFF: so im always horny and it s not a good thing when u are out in the street

Jennifer: no, that can be frustrating ;)

FFFFFFFF: but i NEVER EVER cheated

Jennifer: but do you fantasize about other women?

FFFFFFFF: i fucked my gf even 9 times in a row
yes i do.. but it s not about the girl i mean the person, just about a pair of boobs or a sxy ass

Jennifer: do you know why that triggers you?
FFFFFFFF: mmm.. tell me

Jennifer: bc god is in everyone of us – when we notice fullness or life, thats him – we crave fullness/nurturing/love and it stimulates our inner desire for that which set soft our hormones like in the growth phase when we yearn for our mothers comfort – its gets translated funky bc we weren’t taught this – its considered taboo to relate our childhoods to our sexual function which was shaped but those very childhoods


Jennifer: so a plump ass or round pair of tits are just geometrical communications that we tap into on a deeper level and compels our urges
yes god – he likes sex – how do you think we all got here?

FFFFFFFF: i dont beleive in god

Jennifer: oh – sorry for you then
FFFFFFFF: but i believe in nature and i agree that a sexy curve stimulating my incoscious

Jennifer: yep :) same idea

FFFFFFFF: dont be sorry im not sad about it

Jennifer: he doesn’t care whether we believe or not – he says as long as i know he’s there thats all he cares about lol ;)

i preferred the conv about your sexy ass ahahahahaha

Jennifer: haha so does he lol but what are you gonna do about it?

FFFFFFFF: does god like your sexy ass too?

Jennifer: of course! he loves every inch of me

FFFFFFFF: about what? what im gonna do about your sexy ass?

Jennifer: yes

FFFFFFFF: if u were here i would kiss it all and do more if u agree :P

Jennifer: yes – but you’re not here

FFFFFFFF: bt thats unfair cause u turned me on now :(

Jennifer: you can slide that cock into your hand – what am i supposed to do? go find a snake?
FFFFFFFF: u want me to play?

Jennifer: lets talk about unfair – how am i supposed to get off on this? you can’t fuck me from the computer, just tease and leave me hanging

FFFFFFFF: are u horny too?

Jennifer: i live in horny bc no guys know how to satisfy me

FFFFFFFF: u know all i can do is a c2c play now for us..

Jennifer: well that’s why i get paid for it – only you benefit from that
i just get more frustrated
so i need compensation – like any other stressful job

FFFFFFFF: im sorry about it
i thought u liked it too
i don’t like to pay u really

Jennifer: sure it can be fun but not sustainable – i can’t get emotionally involved with someone i can’t interact with – its too frustrating and hurtful for me
i need touch

FFFFFFFF: i know baby but im not telling i don’t wanna do it
but u know i can’t throw away all my life in a second take a plane tonight and be in your bed in 2 hours..
im sorry if i can’t satisfy u as u wish
i would love it too

Jennifer: i’m not trying to come down on you – just telling you how it is for me or other girls like this – guys have the wrong idea bc we get paid we don’t talk about it – then they would consider it whining and we wouldn’t have any business

FFFFFFFF: and u miss a point where we guys too don’t like to touch ourselves more than have sex in real
so it s not just a benefit for us
its masturbating
u can enjoy it as i do or not.. or we couldn’t even both

Jennifer: why the need for the for the fantasy – can you not masturbate when you are alone in your mind?

FFFFFFFF: do u think i prefer y hand instead of yours or your mouth and body?
no it s a bit diff from guys to girls
we have not the same sexualty
and it comes from genetical reasons

Jennifer: that’s a lie

FFFFFFFF: no really bb
there are many scientist studies about it

Jennifer: explain to me why you can’t just enjoy sensations in your body – you do it in a workout
its the same thing
you’ve just attached emotions and stories to it

FFFFFFFF: i mean i can’t stimulate my brain as u do
we are not talking about body
a male needs to stimulate his hypofisis with visualizing hearing
cause his sexuality goes more from senses
girls are better in this
ua re more effective
u can stimulate yourself more brainily than us

Jennifer: your body is one big sensing machine – so what do you mean goes more from the senses – that would mean you don’t need the excess
but i don’t use fantasy – i don’t use my brain – i use my body senses
you guys use your brain by fantasizing

FFFFFFFF: cause we need to visualize
i told u already

Jennifer: so what do blind men do?

FFFFFFFF: they use other senses

Jennifer: so why can’t you?
i’m not putting you down – i’m saying stop limiting yourself to other’s (visuals) control

FFFFFFFF: u think males and females are the same
: but they are not
they have two diff function in sex

Jennifer: you think you’re right – but you are not

FFFFFFFF: and that s why
i don’t wanna be right
it s written in many books of sexuology
and it s tested on animals
and it s showed on documentaries

Jennifer: physically – yes, we are diff – but emotionally we are the same – senses have to do with emotion not sturcture

FFFFFFFF: u don’t need to cum in truth.. prob u don’t know in origin female didn’t cum. Its logic cause they don’t need to cum in the reproductive process
if u mean
we have the same brain ok
but u know our brains works diff

Jennifer: and we aren’t meant to shed blood every month – this is a reaction to the decline of love

FFFFFFFF: u use parts of your brain more than other and we do the same but with dff parts of yours
im talking about science huny

Jennifer: no shit – and i know a lot more than you do
i talk to god – he made these things

FFFFFFFF: if u wanted to talk about philosophy or religion or dunno metaphysic i didn’t get it
u talk to god?

Jennifer: you can use whichever one you want to try to explain it – i’ve already heard it
yes i do


Jennifer: story is here :
and here:
he made me do cams to study men – i wouldn’t have done this stuff if i hadn’t been guided- i was more like your ex’s back then ;)


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