some guys like the Father in me ;)

 Anutterguy  : Hi goof!
 Me: hey!
Anutterguy  : How you doing Jen!?
That bad huh?
Me: what? sorry – just working
Anutterguy  : oh on cams?
Me: no – my other work – cams is a night babysitting job – from 10 to about 4am its cams then from 5am on its other people
 and yoga break – which is on cams lol
 i need one too
 boys don’t know what hard work really is ;)
Anutterguy  : LOL Oh I see
You need a yoga break?
Me: yea – shake off the stress in other peoples energy fields lol
Anutterguy  : I will watch you shake off that stress :)
 Me: that shit builds up like residue – hard to delve into their minds and stay clean all the time
Anutterguy  : I do not remember the last time I saw that amazing amazing ass of yours
Me: send some money moron
Anutterguy  : Ouch and I thought you cared :)
Me: just as much as you do douche
Anutterguy  : LMAO wow!!!
Me: i only speak the truth ;)
  you don’t care about me
 you treat me like all the other douches
 Anutterguy  : bs I talked to you last week for almost 2 hours. Did I whip my dick out? no we talked
 It was a nice chat I thought
Me: bc i wanted to – i didn’t want you to whip your dick out
it was nice
 and then you went back to being a regular douche
Anutterguy  : not true
crazy week
Me: typical – its old – i’m older
 Anutterguy  : closed on my house officially and my niece got married last night
Me: think i havent heard these same type of lines before – you are sadly uninformed
Anutterguy  : OK Jen
 Me: bye nutter
 Anutterguy  : I was just making convo
You can be really mean. It is not like I live close to you and can just come over and see you.
Me: it takes 2 seconds to send a text to say hi – i know how you guys are – i’m sick of the pussy bullshit
 i study your kind for a living
Anutterguy  : Jen when you were mean to me back in Feb I deleted your phone number. You know it works both ways right? When do you ever ask me how I am doing?
Me: i’m the girl – figure it out or stay as you are – have fun
not my problem – and not attractive – i’m not angry – you are, thats why you’re interpreting truth that way – you’re used to people consoling and telling you what you want to hear – thats what you pay for on cams
Anutterguy  : Why are you so angry?
 i’m being kind by not continuing to cripple you
Anutterguy  : No I pay to get off and it turns me on when you watch me cum
Me: you’re just confused
 and i’m busy with people who appreciate me
 Anutterguy  : No I just think you like pushing people away
Me: what the hell do i need you for?
 i’m here to help – if you don’t want it – my life goes on
 i’m not going to join your pity party
Anutterguy  : You are the one having the party
 Me: hell yeah
 Anutterguy  : Fuck maybe I should just pay you
Me: ok – for what?
 you def owe me – but i’m not after money
Anutterguy  : I have never gotten a free show? Why do you always think that?
 Me: why do you always act like my only value ($) is my naked body
Anutterguy  : I don’t!!
Me: you mentioned a “show”
i didn’t and you only spend $20 i always give you leniency with extra time
 you have no idea do you?
Anutterguy  : Yeah well you turn me on
 Me: kinda funny that you think i’m being mean – but really just kinda sad
Anutterguy  : OK
 I want to see you
Me: ok – you know what to do
Anutterguy  : Are you going to be mean to me?
Me: i’m not being mean
i’ll lay off on the counsel though
Anutterguy  : So it is bad that I want to get off with you? I love watching you cum
I love the way you spread your ass for me and talk dirty
Me: not bad at all
Anutterguy  : Are you at all horny Jen?
Me: it’d be nice to get off – i haven’t slept or had a moment to myself to release all day, if you can’t tell
Anutterguy  : K give me a sec. Get ready :)
Me: ok :)
Anutterguy  : ok naughty girl
[7/12/14 6:28:00 PM]  Call started
[7/12/14 7:00:11 PM]  Call ended  32 minutes 11 seconds



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