witchy woman

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are dealing with the issue of the prices of psychics. You are supposed to question and react to it. Aside from the fact that if they were too low there would be an overwhelm, and with the sensitivity and personal lives and needs they can’t attend to every soul 24 hours a day, spirit sets the pace in the best ratio for the collective. Overall, its also a safeguard for you. If you become too dependent on another you won’t bother to try finding out how to do the work yourself, become self sufficient and able to access the same connections. This is what you should be focusing on rather than the negative. The price line is meant to curb you from becoming attached and disconnected because you are relying on another and further denying your own power if the crutch is constantly in place. They are great for times of need but theres a reason many of them, the good ones, also teach the ‘craft’. Learn the practices that will help you take baby steps towards running around with us, we are all family and every family is still whole. We need to all work towards self independence in order to reconnect as a whole.

I’ve decided to dedicate a limited amount of my work for scheduled clients. I do a lot of free counseling with those I’m led to by spirit during the day along with many other projects.

But if spirit is nudging you my way, here’s my info:


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