jaime baxter: bonding girl

i found more footage from my previous night of work. mostly just silliness, a little bit of insight too. i also did a body reading on a guy based on his profile pictures, in yoga teacher training the first thing you learn is how to read bodies (structure/posture/energy) in order to administer proper training for realignment. Characteristics (chakra) of the body relay character traits in personality and habits. accurate and interesting, though i didn’t record my whole shift. often guys will come in and either don’t have a camera, are too cheap to pay for one on the site, are afraid of being indiscreet or are too shy. so some will ask me to look at the pictures, i normally decline unless its a paying customer, it interrupts the flow of my free chat time. i studied a bit of them at the beginning of my cam journey – you can read the more extreme examples here: Look at my pics

the reason most guys want me to look is for a run down or reaction of their physique or overall looks, “am i pretty?”. with the hidden questions i’ve mentioned before like “would you ever date/meet me?” as a inquiry of their beauty level. then i can administer self affirmation and encouragement to exercise and promote self-confidence and reflection on issues.

internet kills the porno star

tables turning



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