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facial hair may seem like a masculine quality but it’s a bit of an irony when it comes to daily manicuring….more high maintenance than “manly”




oh bother

still confused? ;)
shedding light…

sexual deviancy is an illness and i’m a healer but firstly, and far more important than the offenders (hell is just fine for them on my account), an advocate for those manipulated, abused and told or threatened to keep quiet…i’m no longer afraid of crippled lepers or too polite to sucker punch them. seane corn mentioned to me “you must’ve be one of those ‘good girls'” didn’t hit me what that meant until later, i carried the secrets for the wrongs of others my life to “keep peace” – ha, more like allow the cycle to continue and go unnoticed. i recall the adults who wove in and out of my life who gave me the “i feel sorry for her” look but said and did nothing about it, just made them too uncomfortable and for pussies its easier to just ignore it as long as its not happening to them…it made it all seem even more inescapable and my burden to bear or that it was just how life was meant to be….guess what? its not, and sadly it’s much more rampant than we like to believe. when i finally go to work with women again, at least 75% have been sexually abused or raped. and i’ll bet 98% mistreated and objectified. so i wanted to know why this happens, what are the root causes. go to the source…anonymous sex addicts and impotents.

from that i opened up a larger can of worms.

lots of love and thanks to my spirits and God for taking me safely down uncharted paths, finding deeper love, truth, compassion, understanding and keeping the sting of judgment and distancing by the ignorant from slowing my mission.
what i’ve learned you can’t buy or take a class on. God also got rid of some trash for me ;)

for the tidbits i have disclosed, check out the archives. i started the blog just before i unanticipatedly began my cam work so you can see the evolution and discoveries along the way
onwards and upwards!

animal insticts

“Lezginka is the Caucasian dance, temperamental, with alive rate, which for a long time has been one of the Caucasus symbols. In Caucasus to dance lezginka, to express spirit of people, heroism was the honor and dignity of people from any mountain area.

When the girl dances, it is possible to judge about her inner world by her movements, body posture, manners, and how she keeps. In the Caucasus it is considered, that the person’s soul is reflected by the dance.”

Emotional and behavioral social anxiety disorder signs and symptoms include:

Intense fear of interacting with strangers.

Fear of situations in which you may be judged.

Worrying about embarrassing or humiliating yourself.

Fear that others will notice that you look anxious.

see you on cams ;)

bb jen

my favorite part about artists hours is living in the empty city while everyone is either sleeping or working.

about a week ago, i had a sugar craving after my pre-work nap so i took ride to the 24 hour grocery and ran into one of my favorite austin-based singer/songwriters, Abra Moore, who i first saw playing in houston before i married and moved away. i walked up to her like a teeny bopper and gave the usual lines “I’m such a big fan” etc. I’ve met many celebs in my life (living and dead lol) but this was my first time feeling starstruck and tongue-tied as we stood there talking in our oversized comfy clothes, naked faces and messy buns. she asked for my info to send me some unreleased music she’s just worked together.

i was just talking about her a day or two before after sharing some music with a client on behalf of her daughter who recently passed (her birthday was yesterday) i’m sure cassi had her little hands in this xox

here’s a vid for a song she sent over