POV from thigh highs


iweaingerie: hello princess

me: hello! is that name supposed to be Iwearlingerie? (i get lots of practice)


iweaingerie to You: yep name got messed up [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: i have a lot of differnt outfits and lingerie [reply private]


me: can i see?


iweaingerie to You: sure i could show you some i quess if you like it [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: ok ready when you are no laughing [reply private]


iweaingerie is sending a webcam!


bccagefighter: the best thing about yoga girls is they’re barefoot all the time


bccagefighter: they almost always have a nice pedicure


bccagefighter: and they’re more likely to have toe-rings and anklets
me (to bcc): where are you from? 1985? who the hell wears toe rings and anklets?


bccagefighter: are anklets from 1985?
me (to lingerie): nice tits! are those real?


iweaingerie to You: i bought them [reply private]
me (to lingerie): implants or chicken cutlets?


bccagefighter: lots of girls wear them!


bccagefighter: here in toronto at least
me (to bcc): well that explains it – i lived in buffalo right next door, pretty outdated up there


iweaingerie to You: there something like latex they fitinto a speccial br [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: bra [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: i hope i didnt look to silly [reply private]
me (to lingerie): if there was a time to feel silly it was in the check out line when you bought them lol own it!


iweaingerie to You: was it s you liked and could get intoomething  [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: dang puter [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: did you like the outfit and is it something you coulld get into [reply private]
me (to lingerie): doesn’t bother me really – guys are so metrosexual these days its a fine line ;) if you can please and treat me well that’s all that matters, thats too hard to find. what do you do?


iweaingerie to You: im a construction worker [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: i know it didnt look like  [reply private]
me: i didn’t expect such an attractive male body and the tattoo to show up in a maids outfit no ;)


iweaingerie to You: yea thats why tthis is my little secret and in private behind clothes doors [reply private]


me: how long have you been doing it?


iweaingerie to You: about a 1 1/2 years [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: just been learning my softer sensual side  [reply private]


iweaingerie to You: ive learned so much about how to take my time and slowly work a women  in to a sexual bbliss and understand more about how they feel sexy and what it takes to get there [reply private]
me: that’s an interesting perspective, i never heard or thought of that one before, in the past i just assumed they were all a bit bi


iweaingerie to You: yea ive been alwful shocked at whatt i have learned and how much better a passionate lover i am now i use to think i was good nut boy was i wrong  there is so mmuch more  whenn you can connect with a women and do it slowly with her [reply private]
iweaingerie to You: i also dont assume things like i anything anymore like i just shaved myself downstairs  so a women wouldnt have to get hair in her mouth and everything is soft down there for her. ive always expected the women to keep hers soft and smooth for me but never thought about her [reply private]
me: that’s a great discovery – consideration, very few men are taught that, they THINK they are considerate bc their mommies tell them so but if they could be in our shoes they’d see the glaring disconnect


iweaingerie to You: well i was one of those typical men not to many years ago [reply private]
me: welcome to the other side ;) thanks for sharing!


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