bb jen

my favorite part about artists hours is living in the empty city while everyone is either sleeping or working.

about a week ago, i had a sugar craving after my pre-work nap so i took ride to the 24 hour grocery and ran into one of my favorite austin-based singer/songwriters, Abra Moore, who i first saw playing in houston before i married and moved away. i walked up to her like a teeny bopper and gave the usual lines “I’m such a big fan” etc. I’ve met many celebs in my life (living and dead lol) but this was my first time feeling starstruck and tongue-tied as we stood there talking in our oversized comfy clothes, naked faces and messy buns. she asked for my info to send me some unreleased music she’s just worked together.

i was just talking about her a day or two before after sharing some music with a client on behalf of her daughter who recently passed (her birthday was yesterday) i’m sure cassi had her little hands in this xox

here’s a vid for a song she sent over


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