groan to the ungrown

a guy:
9/19/2014 11:27:34 AM
I would do battle with a pack of mountain lions inside of a handicapped stall at a local McDonald’s with my hands zip tied behind my back and a shake weight glued to my forehead as my only weapon just for the chance to have a spaghetti dinner with you over Skype
a guy:

9/21/2014 1:48:33 PM

Hey :)

a guy:

9/24/2014 5:44:37 PM

I would do battle with a pack of mountain lions inside of a handicapped stall at a local McDonald’s with my hands zip tied behind my back and a shake weight glued to my forehead as my only weapon just for the chance to have a spaghetti dinner with you over Skype


9/25/2014 11:49:47 AM
how many times do you use that line? when i see lines like that they are always obviously copy and pasted bc the guy thinks it’d just so charming – fyi – its not, the numbers game won’t get you anywhere – inauthenticity is easily spotted (and boys, that is why i’m single)
a guy:

9/25/2014 11:54:12 AM

And what if this was the time where a guy took a minute to try a little harder than the last guy to make you smile cause for some reason you stuck out to him more than the other girls and had something he couldn’t quite put his finger on… And instead of giving him the chance to show you he was as original, unique and interesting as you had seemed to be at first you decided to show him you were jaded, dismissive and unwilling to take a chance on the possibility that someone might actually put in the time…


9/25/2014 11:55:37 AM
you didn’t put in any time – you copy and pasted a message you think is witty and send to every girl you think will buy into the insecure crap you try to hide
a guy:

9/25/2014 11:56:24 AM

Jesus… Smile much?
Guess away about me… I wouldn’t pretend I knew you before I got the chance…

9/25/2014 11:58:35 AM
yes i do :) i’m just sick of the fake shit people hide behind – i live great life without it
btw, i’m psychic
a guy:

9/25/2014 11:59:14 AM

Good, give em hell… I’m sure they’ll all learn their lesson


9/25/2014 12:01:54 PM
its not about that – but if i have an opinion i don’t mind sharing it
i hate to see a guy continue on a path that will get him nowhere
a guy:

9/25/2014 12:05:26 PM

Well thank you then, seems you were well intentioned and looking out

9/25/2014 12:14:16 PM
i really am – if i can ever help you out please feel free to reach out :) i’ve been intensely studying and writing about men, sex and “dating” for the past 3 years in order to find ways to help men and women connect more naturally – its a process and you are actively working through it but if can help some avoid potholes i’m happy to be the “****” to make them aware…my direct nature can be biting i know but you seem like a great guy though – maybe in five years ;)

teenage ways

top 5 excuses guys give so they can text like a teeny bopper saying nothing for hours on end rather than a 5 min phone call of actual discussion:

1. I’m on a call (then why are you texting?)

2. I’m with my friends (then talk to them)

3. i’m at the gym (no you’re not)

4. i’ll call you when i get home (aka”text me til i cum then i’ll ignore you”)

5. i’ll call you later (no, you’ll be watching porn)

dates and prunes

a boy:  Lol funny profile :) but did someone before admitted he’s a bad kisser :p

they never do – but they almost always are lol – its like when guys say they are great in bed – if they have to say it you know theres an issue
a boy:
Always ;) most of guys they think being good in bed , is how rough is he or how big is his “thing” :p I think it’s a question of exchanging positive energy between the too bodies ^^

roughness is for those too disassociated from their bodies – mostly likely abused or overstressed as children – they are hard on themselves and will be hard on anyone they date – not attractive – and usually associated with guys who’ve been circumcised – they’ve lost lots of sensitivities and mangles nerve endings so they need rough sex to feel anything
a boy:
I don’t really agree with that , I’m circumcised and I can feel if someone even blows a little bit of air on my private parts

you’re right and don’t let “adulthood” change that view – men have been bamboozled into working long hours and losing sexual connection so they stay frustrated and have to pay for sex due to lack of opportunity and social skills they’ve been conditioned away from – its a great controlling and money syphoning scam but not great for humanity as a whole – and men’s ego’s are too big and fragile to admit that they are caught in it. there are the issues of hypersensitivity – its the mangle nerve endings – my ex was circumcised and his penis was very ticklish – i love playing with cock after sex but i could never touch his
a boy:
I totally agree with you , and I think that the major problem is that people lie to them selfs specially when they do mistakes , I think the best cure to yourself is to admit you’re wrong , even if you can’t say it to other people start with saying it to yourself, that will be a good start :)

psychological kinks manifested part 1

The most common fetishes i come across in my work. not always the norm but enough to stand out.

small penis humiliation – this was the hardest one for me to understand and for the longest time i refused to accommodate. at first glance it seemed that perhaps they were passive aggressively abused by lovers or loved ones and learned to associate the degradation to pleasure or “love”. i wasn’t a mean person and i couldn’t bring myself to make fun of them, also i didn’t look at them as something to make fun of, they were just normal guys. and not all men who want small penis humiliation have small penises, it just seems to be passed down in some way. issues dealing with the root cakra and early development in a family structure can cause some people to favor domination. not having to take responsibility and being the submissive role can be comforting. nurturing can get twisted at an early age when the “loving” parents dominate to assert control, this can manifest in different ways including being degraded. degrees of submission can be linked to need of approval and needing to let go of assertive roles to regain the submissive and more comforting role of a helpless child.

cuckolding – my theory of this one is influenced by porn most superficially. men have been watching women have sex with other men to get off and create the fantasy of connection to that woman as though they were the ones having sex. they’ve associated this visual with their ejaculation (bliss feeling). one on one sex takes them out of the perspective of the third person and they can become lost within this perception and crave the familiar perspective of watching the reactions of both beings within the copulating couple. there are bigger reasons for this that i was told by god in the initial encounter. he told me that i would have to adjust to being able to love more than one man (not something i ever considered and being the oddly monogamous being i am this has been a challenging task and area of growth). certain women are made for multiple lovers. kind of like males within polygamy but in sexual references the polygamist male doesn’t necessarily have sex with his wives at the same time – and why should he really, physically he only has one outlet that can be inserted into a woman. a woman has 3 major insertion areas that one man cannot fill at the same time in order for her to reach her highest climax (connection to bliss/heaven/god). men understand this on a soul level but don’t intellectualize it further than sex, mostly because they are only concerned with the immediate physical realm and once that is “satisfied” their mind switches back to its structural, data driven mind set.

forced oral on a man – after reading the above you may think: men have 2 insertion points, how are they any different from women? i’ve discussed the adam’s apple in past videos and while most men have sufficient openings, the throat cakra (especially in this regeneration) can become stressed and this physical need for release of tension can manifest itself in sexual fantasy (closely related to suckling a mother), just as the fantasy of anal stimulation or insertion would release the root cakra. socially, this can be reinforced by curiosities, not being taught true intimacy and confusing pure love with romantic. for some men (depending on the degree of tolerance and understanding) it can be linked to humiliation and domination. this thought manifestation is also indicative of throat cakra repression and the need to release the pressure.

dirty talk/trash talk/name calling – this one is fairly common and actually i had help from god and spirits to help me experience the level of trust and intimacy that is involved in getting to the primal point of burning the rage within and transforming the idea of this being a negative connotation. i’ve never considered myself a slut (i’ve had many friends to compare with and i would be on the more prudish side of the spectrum in comparison) but what is a slut? in our society it is a label we use to shame a woman and infer that she sleeps around and gives her power over to men without respect for herself. to give yourself fully to another requires a level of intimacy and trust – naturally (if we let ourselves be fully free) there are no sexual limitations, only those “society” has designated as being acceptable. how is this decided? mostly by religion and government who want o control the masses. this creates a fear within us to keep us submissive to the larger “father figure” or masculine energy. its funny that most who label another as a slut are really the sluts themselves, whoring out their lives to please and gain approval from an invisible “ideal” that they have been conditioned to follow in order to remain controllable. so when a man hears a woman call herself a “his slut” denotes that she has given him her trust and unlimited access. this feeds the male ego and allows him to feel worthy and more powerful or deserving of such a position.

being told to cum (countdowns) – while i recognize the voice is a powerful tool, i’m more so referring to those who cannot experience full release without outside aid: this associates to their mostly to fathers, or that energetic role. how was he disciplined growing up – did he fall in line to please? even if that concept changes over time they can still have the physical attachments to reacting to commands, much like an animal. they associate action with reward and without being allowed or told to do something cannot break the submission in order to be self sufficient and think for themselves, they’ve been conditioned to believe that the custodian knows better and dissociate from themselves and need someone to control themselves for them.

being told to and eating their own cum – this is like a higher degree of deviation from the above and associated with humiliation

women’s panties: buying/stealing used – smell is linked to our most basic cakra, the root, which is connected to primal needs and an influential source on memory. for a man to smell the scent of a woman’s sexual excretions it links them to past memories of sexual encounters or even the smell of their own mothers – its comforting and stimulating.

Stay tuned for the breakdown of the others:

women’s panties: wearing them

feet (seeing the soft soles or watching a woman suck her toes)

panty hose/stockings

cheating on wife and trash talking her (usually while wife is asleep in the vicinity)

role-plays about cheating on wife with: babysitter, sister in law, wife’s best friend, stepdaughter

other role-plays: interracial (use of “nigger”), office setting with coworker

having me tell them “i love you ______”

fantasizing that they will/can come visit me (usually just a smoke screen to see if i find them attractive/dateable)

most creative role plays: plantation reclamation – boobs with magical potions


melanin: dark matter

our race or color doesn’t really matter – we produce melanin after our birth and increase or decrease the production during our life, regardless of coloring, but the rest is pretty accurate. but also being carbon based and since we are transitioning from our carbon form to crystalline or light bodies, this decreases the reliance and connection of pigmentation to indicate melanin production.