dates and prunes

a boy:  Lol funny profile :) but did someone before admitted he’s a bad kisser :p

they never do – but they almost always are lol – its like when guys say they are great in bed – if they have to say it you know theres an issue
a boy:
Always ;) most of guys they think being good in bed , is how rough is he or how big is his “thing” :p I think it’s a question of exchanging positive energy between the too bodies ^^

roughness is for those too disassociated from their bodies – mostly likely abused or overstressed as children – they are hard on themselves and will be hard on anyone they date – not attractive – and usually associated with guys who’ve been circumcised – they’ve lost lots of sensitivities and mangles nerve endings so they need rough sex to feel anything
a boy:
I don’t really agree with that , I’m circumcised and I can feel if someone even blows a little bit of air on my private parts

you’re right and don’t let “adulthood” change that view – men have been bamboozled into working long hours and losing sexual connection so they stay frustrated and have to pay for sex due to lack of opportunity and social skills they’ve been conditioned away from – its a great controlling and money syphoning scam but not great for humanity as a whole – and men’s ego’s are too big and fragile to admit that they are caught in it. there are the issues of hypersensitivity – its the mangle nerve endings – my ex was circumcised and his penis was very ticklish – i love playing with cock after sex but i could never touch his
a boy:
I totally agree with you , and I think that the major problem is that people lie to them selfs specially when they do mistakes , I think the best cure to yourself is to admit you’re wrong , even if you can’t say it to other people start with saying it to yourself, that will be a good start :)

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