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maybe a little fluffy but definitely true…


internet killed the porno star :)

my full interview didn’t make the finale, just some chit chat at the beginning  – i wish i’d recorded it on my side but hindsight was off. still a pretty good episode – i love that she infiltrated the cam site lol she got a quick dose of what it’s like, i’ve been banned a few times myself. and it’s perfectly ironic that i’m a cam girl working to expose the truths behind all of it and end up as the token cam girl in an expose.

“men are visual creatures”

To achieve hypnotic control and to concentrate energy on the chosen topic being used for hypnotic manipulation the topic must be discussed endlessly and must appear to be natural – it must never appear that mind control and mass hypnosis is actually occurring otherwise the subliminal is no longer a subliminal and the suggestion is discovered making it of none effect – for this reason endless debates – meetings and stalling tactics are used to keep the topic constantly in the minds of the masses – thereby achieving the hot spot. This same formula for mind control applies to everything. Nothing occurs in the 3 dimensional spaces without suggestion first.

you’ve been owned, puppets…


pick ups

boy: you need to be romantically ravaged, and not romantic as in what you’re thinking.

me: you mean, like a Roman? img_priapos boy: i need to do some yoga.

me: yeah, you look a little tense. 1pg2g4uogkvomdzcesnv3mh2d494829928 boy: do you like facial hair?

me: no, and ya kinda look like an adult baby crowning out of a hairy vagina 1cdj3f0tbhcaxxufy4davfpjs442573514


i’ve been saying this ever since i heard about “squirting” on cams – so many guys use the line “i can make you squirt” but when i ask them how they have nothing to say or give me some bs stuff that sounds like torture i have actually “squirted”, it wasn’t because of anything the guy did in particular the first time it happened, and thankfully i had a pillow under me (who the fuck wants to piss their mattress – thats real sexy) it came out of nowhere and i thought the guy was pissing in me (some closeted freak thing) but that didn’t make sense. i questioned it because guys tend to act like squirting is a sign of intense pleasure – all i felt was warm liquid puddling under my butt – it does correlate with the urge to cum because it can activate the nerves and stimulate the corresponding functions but that has more to do with the woman than anything a man can do to her so many stories created to help men feel like there are some magical moves they need to discover, rather than having to be open and unguarded – (people are lazy? big discovery) – what you need to discover is how to be intimate and “in the moment” with a  partner, follow the energy and not let your insecurities or conditioned expectations freeze you up so that you have to depend on directions – we’re all different – any man who says “i can make you squirt” is just someone desperate to try and using a trendy sales pitch they heard on the internet porn sites so many guys on cams ask “what would you do to me if i were there” how the hell am i supposed to answer that question without interaction? i’m not an automated carnival ride – that will cost more than you can afford so ladies, don’t let these stories from men who have no idea alter how you view yourself – they are lost from misdirection (the Man) and would rather focus on their expectations of women than deal with their own body and soul