“They all want me to rock them like my back ain’t got no bone. Want a man to rock me like my backbone was his own.”

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Early Christians never sent love cards to each other. This is a totally modern custom. Very few in those days could read. The original function is, that, the heart depicted today with the Saint Valentine cards, represented the head of the male Penis. If you split it in half and join the pieces together it becomes a heart and this is what these cards symbolize in our modern age without people realizing it. The Knob is mentioned in the Bible as holy and it was worshiped inside the Jewish Temple and Tabernacle which contained a huge Penis, one which it was claimed Saint David cut off after going on a hunt for the biggest Penis he could get hold of, being ordered to do so by the tribal God Jehovah. Or, it was believed, the huge Penis belonged to one which he cut off from the giant Goliath. David and his friends gave the processed Penises he had cut off from the Philistines to their girl friends just as girls today give cards to boyfriends. These Penises were then used as Dildos by the non-virgin damsels and also used as stimulator by virgins, rubbing their Clitoris and sensitive parts for erotic passion and pleasure. Always careful not to break their hymen, of course.
It was believed that on that erotic day of February 14, the seasons of bird mating begun and this is the real reason of it becoming popular in our days. But this belief was not built on mere Faith, but actual observation. All could see that mating was on its way and preparation for a new team of birds. The cuckoo sang his love song, and the building of nests was at full swing. Christian moralists begun to hide reality of nature. Saint Valentine’s Day was part of the Fertility Cult and Phallic Worship of old that had turned on a new coat with people forgetting the old occult meaning. And people begun to forget the singing of the birds and their caring of their small ones. The people were slowly formed into plastic objects whose only reason in life was for consumption.

i don’t know how i overlooked this one: dicks

from my experience there seems to be a correlation to penis size with the nose and neck. not the hands, feet or height


the muscle not the man…

size matter? what is big/small?

size matters like any other characteristic matters. what’s meaningful is a cohesive pairing

we are all shaped differently and have different capacities. my internals need a good workout and though i can now manage them well with breath work, personally i require a larger vessel to fill my void….but i know girls who can’t bear the load and need a more compact model.

it seems that “small” and “large” have become slurs of a phrase rather than an indication of measurement

i haven’t seen them all but since i’ve been “exposed” to the magical and anonymous “cam” world, i’ve seen more cock than i ever imagined i would, or even cared to. but i’ve gained a good perspective on the variety of shapes and sizes available….wow….like anything, we are all individual. “models” and “actors” play certain parts because they fit…

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