i don’t know how i overlooked this one: dicks

from my experience there seems to be a correlation to penis size with the nose and neck. not the hands, feet or height http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/new-study-probes-average-penis-size


the muscle not the man…

size matter? what is big/small?

size matters like any other characteristic matters. what’s meaningful is a cohesive pairing

we are all shaped differently and have different capacities. my internals need a good workout and though i can now manage them well with breath work, personally i require a larger vessel to fill my void….but i know girls who can’t bear the load and need a more compact model.

it seems that “small” and “large” have become slurs of a phrase rather than an indication of measurement

i haven’t seen them all but since i’ve been “exposed” to the magical and anonymous “cam” world, i’ve seen more cock than i ever imagined i would, or even cared to. but i’ve gained a good perspective on the variety of shapes and sizes available….wow….like anything, we are all individual. “models” and “actors” play certain parts because they fit…

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