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Researchers Study More Than 15,000 Penises To Determine Average Lengths Around The World

March 3, 2015 | by Justine Alford

Finally, a study which may lay to rest some of the lingering fallacies about penis size and alleviate the woes shared by many men worldwide. According to new research, the average erect penis length is just over 13 centimeters, or around 5 inches. Furthermore, there’s no strong association between foot size and penis length, so women can stop judging men by the size of their shoes. You can read the entire study in BJU International.

Although many compare themselves to the “average” penis size, what this figure actually is has been surprisingly difficult to determine. As pointed out by Sciencethat’s mainly because most studies have relied on self-reporting, which isn’t very accurate. To get around this problem and obtain a more reliable data set, a team of U.K. researchers decided to compile measurements taken by health professionals who followed a standardized measuring procedure. They included both girth (the circumference at the base or the middle) and length (pubic bone to the tip of the glans) measurements from 20 different studies, which totaled 15,521 men from various countries across the world. And the results will be music to the ears of many.

The average flaccid penis was found to be 9.16 cm (3.61 inches) long, whereas the average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) in length. In terms of girth, the average circumference of a flaccid penis turned out to be 9.31 cm (3.66 inches), and 11.66 cm (4.59 inches) for an erect one. Furthermore, those at extreme ends of the spectrum were found to be much less common. For example, only 5 men out of every 100 have an erect penis longer than 16 cm (6.3 inches).

When they looked for correlations with other body features, such as testicular size, weight or foot size, no strong or consistent associations were found. Although they couldn’t find any significant evidence for a relationship between penis size and race, they note that conclusions can’t be drawn since the vast majority of measurements were from Caucasians.

So what’s the take home message? Men, don’t be so hard on yourself as what you see on the TV or in magazines is not an accurate representation of the average penis. But if you’re concerned, make sure you’re measuring correctly.

role players


When I did cam work I had different views on interactions than my customers probably did. When you are exposed to the same rituals every day and night it triggers some basic correlations. Role playing, to me, is a lot like bedtime stories and imaginative exercise. The small percentage of guys who asked for role play usually wanted me to play a babysitter, coworker/secretary or sister/sister in law. I get the feeling they are the types who have been fantasizing for so long and are too afraid to act on it that their fantasies just decrease in morality (usually set by their own standards) in order to give them a “thrill” to replace physical sensation. I don’t care for role play, i’m the most interesting person i can think of to play. I don’t condone incest-ual or child play – if they’ve gone that far its past the time to steer the boat around and i’ll make my stand known.

Mostly role play is a way to “act out” deeper emotions on a superficial scale. there are a couple of role plays i’ve come across that kinda twisted my mind and have been wanting to share. If not educational, definitely entertaining in some capacity…

As in intro and side note to this one, there is a pretty popular role play that is racial in nature but used by all races. Black cock and the word nigger. Black guys want to hear white girls say the words as well as white guys pretending to be black guys to find out if they are treated differently or as though they have more power. And white cuckolders love to talk about watching women having sex with black men. There are plenty of single words that trigger men. Differs on culture and fetish, etc. Even count downs for some of the 20-30 somethings – they are so programmed they react subconsciously and sometimes have trouble ejaculating without verbal stimulation, cues or commands. But back to the black cocks – we’ve created such misconstrued divide between so many groups, of course race will play out in the sexual arena. Curiosity over penis size in relation to commanding power or being so racist in thinking that only true sluts like and can handle black penis are some of the common role play underlinings. Then I came across this guy who took it into a whole new direction….

He’d found me in free chat on the cam website and asked if i were any good at racial role play. I told him i’d had some practice and have no issues using words as stimulation and my vocabulary was uncensored. We arranged to meet on Skype and i gave him a discount at $150 for an hour. This was at about 1 am (2am in his time zone) and he wasn’t drinking, this was all very conscious thought. This guy is your typical, late 30’s, office IT guy. Just some detail I like to keep in mind.

He starts out by telling me he wants me to pretend he’s a slave and i’m the wife of his master. That he’d like for me to treat him really mean, call him a dirty nigger and look at him with disgust while i suck my husbands cock (the grand master who is wearing full kkk gear). This goes on for about 15 minutes as he intermittently corrects my acting as i’m not hateful and disgusted enough as i spew nigger at him (he finds pleasure in creating his dominant role by correcting me) Then i was to reprimand him for stroking himself in front of me. Then he wanted me to have sex with the grand master in front of them – he wanted me to use a dildo so i just fixed the camera to only my waist up and sat on my knees bouncing on a pillow to make it seem as if i were using the dildo (a trick i learned way before this show but can only use on really ADD types). But it was a smart move because i was in that position for the remaining 40 minutes.

After pumping the grand master as his white wife he had me morph into  one of the slave girls and have sex with the grand master with a pillow case over my head moaning ” oh massa” which he was also chanting (and i later came to realize he chants EVERYTIME he masturbates) – i felt ridiculous and awkward but still curious as to what was in this guy’s mind and what god was showing me through another crazy earthling experience. The bouncing and repetitive slang continued and then he had me morph back into a white woman who was now having sex with the slave she had been so disgusted by. He had me react like i was sickened but then pleasured (lol’ing at the memory of my acting job) and the whole scene turned around to him regaining some symbolic power. I found it an interesting sexercise to exorcise his own demons with self power and trying to find some reason to feel adequate enough to break the barriers racism/labels have shaped in his internal structure of perception.

Once this session ended he wanted another hour and sent payment. I was exhausted but since we’re already deep in the middle of it i went on. He then requested that I take him as a sex slave (no longer on the plantation) and make him suck off other men. This was the role play he was embarrassed about in the morning but he sure loved it at the time – def battling some self deprivation issues and need to feel safe enough to submit. The more you avoid it  because you’re afraid the scarier it gets ;) lol

The next guy wasn’t so violent and actually pretty comical. His request was so out there i initially thought he was just a young boy testing the patience and naiveté of a  cam girl. Here’s his scenario:  I’m a very rich woman and he is my house servant. Every night he comes into my room chambers to receive the next day’s orders. During which i call him over and somehow very nonchalantly feed him my right tit, which dispenses a potion to put him under a spell. The spell makes him do whatever i tell him and afterwards i give him the antidote from my left breast and he forgets everything. I’m thinking to myself this is his way of finding out what a woman wants and finds pleasurable and men love direction and goals and while they want to be dominant they also want some authority at times to give them security in “knowing”. So he has me put him under and please me. This went on for about 20 mins and i didn’t want to waste too much of his money on what to me felt silly, so i ended it by giving him the antidote and ordering him out of my room haha – ten minutes later he came back wanting another round so we went private and repeated the same scenario – he even came back a week later to do it again…..bedtime story ;)

sex in my eyes

Here’s a brief but intimate look from the perspective of my romantic life and impression of males as a girl in this age of the world.

the first was a boy in kindergarten named seth – i had the feeling that he liked me because he seemed to watch over me but never spoke to me. at nap time he would lay his mat, parallel to mine, about 5-6 feet away and stare at me the whole nap time. i could never nap and would mouth “what?!?” he’d just keep staring and would never address me, just look at me silently when i spoke to him very rarely giving a short quiet answer but always avoiding the nap time issue with “i don’t know” or silence

elementary age – when boys liked me there were usually 2 outcomes

1. they ignored me or were too intimidated to speak to me

2. they were abusive to me

for the #1’s: either i never picked up on it and just thought they weren’t interested or i had to ask them out myself. my first “boyfriend” was in 4th grade. he was iranian and gorgeous, he had the most beautiful multicolored eyes and i got hot, sweaty and nervous every time i saw him. i called and asked him to be my boyfriend and we both decided to keep it a secret for the first few weeks. we rarley spoke to each other and didn’t share a class but when we switched classes for a period i got to sit in his desk and he left me a stuffed animal and candy for valentines day. once he and a friend came over to my best friend’s house after school and i was so shy i hid in the bathroom (mortified, shaking, crying and scared) the whole time they played outside. i had a huge fear of relationships and would rather experience it alone from afar ;) so i can relate to a lot of the guys out there, i just have to dig a few years back. i couldn’t afford to remain shy – the boys never changed.

for the #2’s i learned how to defend myself. one boy who had a big crush on me (and sat right next to me) thought that he had the right to constantly reach into my desk, not realizing that this also invaded my personal (close to my physical private area) space. my whole day consisted of watching for his reach out of the corner of my eye and then, without being noticed by the teacher, would reach for the back of his arm with my index and middle finger knuckles and pinch and twist the soft part of his arm with a poker face on. he always had horrible bruises on the back of his arm and was too embarrassed to say why. one boy was always mean to me, like a preemptive response to my dismissal of him. i would ignore him and it finally climaxed on a day in a science lab for the smarter kids – he threw acid in my face because i wouldn’t talk to him while he was trying to bait me into interacting (fighting) with him.

middle school: i began to develop quickly. there was no lack of attention from men, and not just the boys my age.

i don’t think that boys consider that when the girls around them in school begin developing, that they aren’t the only men who notice. younger boys are practicing not getting caught looking so we tend to pick up on the tricks and then begin to notice them in the 40 and 50 year olds around us too. it’s not fun, boys don’t get that. i lived with a sexually inappropriate father so enjoying and celebrating my body wasn’t a safe option, and the rest of the men scared me too. i stopped showering to repel any advances and would wear oversized clothes, often my father’s t-shirts that were 10 times too big just to hide my changing body. i began putting on a lot of weight and became bulimic after dealing with my family’s reaction to my weight. my parents put me on a strict diet and i would binge at school and purge because i was afraid they would know i was eating.

i felt ugly and i was told i was. i was made fun of by peers but that didn’t bug me so much, they had no idea what i was dealing with at home so i couldn’t be truly mad at their ignorance. i still had some great friends and a group of shy boys who liked me. i would spend a lot of time with them. i knew that they liked me but i felt safe because they were respectful in controlling their feelings for me or just too wussy to act on them – that made me trust them or at least feel in control. but this also created a sort of resentment from their frustration – either with their own shyness to address their feelings or my resistance to do it for them.

i ended up having  a couple of boyfriends (a bryan and a brian who were best friends) i kissed them both, my first good and bad kiss

to be continued…