30 sumthin’s

During my cam work there were definite phases that you’d see guys teeter on. Initiating conversation aside from the stock Q&A is one and you could bet those guys were not going to cam or call you, but I would work with some of them over time to move them up the socializing ladder. Dirty talk is also a practice to exorcise those anxieties. The biggest issue i faced in the real dating world was guys only wanting to text. It’s actually one of my tests to see if a guy is ready for a girl like me – do they call or give one of the excuses they all use when they are freezing up? After being on cam all day hearing and seeing mostly only myself, i expected better treatment from men who expected me to want to meet them. SOOO many texts, not slightly efficient and the sound of my message alert begins to resemble a crying baby. Not sexy…. I’m not looking for a high maintenance child.

I assumed that my peer group of males had just regressed back into an old habit (or never made it out) after dating so many younger girls who most likely prefer text. I know calling girls was a big deal in jr high but come on… If a guy is too controlled by his anxiety to call me (but expect me to be on call to babysit/entertain via text) then there’s little chance he’ll be spontaneous, confident or any fun in the bedroom. Most likely they’ll be needy, mechanical and distant. What I hear from dating older guys who are more accustomed to speaking directly instead of drawn out texts and trendy codes, is they tend to complain that most girls prefer text, so maybe its not just the guys regressing.

Which generation do you subscribe to? Are you stuck in a gap like me?


“You have to respond immediately, so there’s a greater likelihood you’ll choke.”

ummmmm…so what? the world ends? practice. how?  do it! what’s the alternative?…i think we all truly know


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