hitting home

it’s a debbie downer

Fruge Jacqueline-2

we’re all so used to loopholes and white collar crimes – rapists and predators are not always exposed and betrayed by extreme behavior, they’ve adapted to the game. Question your self.

i wrote a blog in the past about a female predator Oktobre, and not long after found this story online involving my uncle and “not his wife” Here is the public school principal (who has a gorgeous wife other men would kill for) having an affair with a tortoise-looking teacher/employee who was also preying on and having inappropriate and illegal interactions with students/captives (and thankfully arrested). Doubtful that she was his only mistress but funny how it fits with my work.

He is/was the golden baby boy of my mom’s family, until his brother became a catholic deacon and leveled the field in their eyes. He is the uncle that you know will make you laugh and can always depend on. He has an unbalancedly beautiful family of four girls and a little boy (who will also, unwillingly, pick up his patterns).  He also has the most beautiful, patient but (unsurprisingly) depressed wife who’s also a teacher in the partnering private catholic school he attended.

I love my uncle but I’m sharing this because these aren’t what we’d consider “bad” people if we met them under “normal” circumstances but the slope is slippery and we need to warn each other about the slick spots and try to lend a hand in uncovering the truth so that we can clean this place up instead of covering for those around us just to “keep the peace”. wake up – peace is on the other side of your blind eye and too many good people are hurting themselves and others because of ignorance and communication interferences like shame and lack of a transparent role model.

If we really, TRUEly loved our kids we would put our ego/image aside and be truthful so we don’t ‘booby trap’ them too.


“This investigation was initiated when the photos were presented to the investigating officer but never reported by the principal. “Not reporting this offense is a violation of Louisiana Revised Statute 14:81.4 section F. Section F states that such incidents are to be reported to local or state law enforcement immediately.” Guillory (lol) also said the department determined Principal Mitch Fontenot and Fruge engaged in what he termed misconduct. The law does not prohibit consensual sexual interaction between school faculty and/or staff. Police said School Board policy may be a different matter. The school is currently closed for Christmas-New Year’s break. Fontenot had no comment about the matter when contacted Thursday.​”


here’s a look at some silly improv cajun voodoo and exorcising to lighten the mood




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