to engage in telepathy you have to be prepared to allow others to see all of what is in your mind, if you are actively hiding something from yourself and/or others or denying things in your mind you won’t be able to connect. Your mind is still accessible to others but you won’t be able to tap into that communication line until you are ready to accept the realities vs. illusions and what that might bring up. those who are free can move in and out – if you are still trapped in your mind then we can get in but you can’t get out. make sense?

“This loving of ourselves can be a scary choice to make, because it goes against much of what we are taught. But without it, we are not full-feeling and whole. We naturally become exhausted and needy, because we keep giving from a well that we are not replenishing from within. There is no healthy and regenerative core place from which to fully love others and this life we are gifted with.”


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