duds: Timothy Medrano Deer Park High School class of 1999..666

is this the “man” asking for naked photos? ;)
8 hours ago

dud: Ill take more eye candy please!!!! Lol
6 hours ago
me: hahaha there’s plenty on here https://jennyprintz.wordpress.com/


Nice, i like (gross)


Do you enjoy tantric play? (right to it – must be jacking off, betrayed by perv code word “play”)
me: i don’t know who wouldn’t why do you ask?


Just curious  (as he’s jacking off)
me: does your wife?


Oh yeah
(lucky you found someone so desperate)
Chat conversation end
You cannot reply to this conversation.
run cockroach, guru got a flashlight lol
 welcome to the wild wild internet ;)
the 2 people “following” are his other perv accounts lol
i’ll be mailing his wife a few fliers – i’m old school like that
i’m not here to call you all out – this will help thwart too many juvenile advances on my end but you’ll have to do the work yourself – ask questions, trust your gut – hopefully i can provide some insight to help you either curb yourself or find out if you are living in an illusion of a relationship (perhaps with yourself) and building your entire life around essentially nothing…for what? has it been worth the equity?

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