more gross truth without net worth


like any girl, i like to dress up and feel pretty..and yes i do enjoy attention, my problem with that is you can’t decide who’s attention you get. i know i’m not the ‘prettiest’ girl, nonetheless, i am surprised by the type and amount of attention or stares i receive. so to play it safe and try weed out the pervs and ‘tards by dressing down, dumbing down and being comfortably natural because the guy i want needs to be smart enough to be able to see past any make-up and frill in the first place.

as hard as i try to be neutral i still run into horrible predicaments.

i’ve always considered myself the oddball ugly duckling of the family although my brother’s wife (who looks a lot like me, weird)  once told me i was the prettiest of the 3 girls, thanks for that and sorry princess jojo.(unfortunately, i have…

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