peep show: the slow draw


Thx for accept me
11 hours ago

U r very beautiful

I read ur post about rape frown emoticon

Sry to know that
9 hours ago
thanks, it happens to most girls or will – its important to remind them that every once in a while, so they don’t feel ashamed and it just recently happened again

I wish it will never happen again to any body
8 hours ago
me too smile emoticon
about an hour ago

U r very beautiful
20 minutes ago
yes smile emoticon ty

Ur profile pic very sexy
thats one opinion – not my intention but i’m aware that men are easily distracted but i’m tired of hiding and being able to do what i want just because men are weak

Hahaha correct
:smile emoticon

So let me ask u
how could i stop you?

Do u think , hot clothes , is the point of that ?
no to me the pic is movement – the spirit expressed in my muscles and aura in a moment of free bliss – it’s meant to evoke that feeling – unfortunately most peoepl only feel that during sex and always go there – i’m usually naked at home and i’ve been naked and in a thong during my webcam days – regular bathing suits are like short shorts and a top
i just think women need to see others being less ashamed and handling the comments in a wise manner
someone needs to help make it safe and okay to express whatever they want – doesn’t have to be like me
the more people see it the less distracting, tempting and manipulating it is
and then you have to look for something else to value us as

In my opnion i think the women who can control
i’m just a warrior on the front lines lol
control what?


Lets say
we are here to lead and too many women have taken after men and yes become power hungry – i’m working on both sides

if u wear long clothes that covers all ur body , do u think they will keep asking for naked photos ?
who asked for naked photos?


And same also if u r walking outside , they will keep looking at u ?
there are plenty of girls covering their body if thats what they like – i don’t find shame or perversion in it – its the same body i had when i was a child – i don’t think like you guys do and i have a right to live that way peacefully if i like with out anyone telling me if thats okay or not, its my body – don’t look if you can’t handle it or yourself and it drives you to be someone you don’t care to be – i don’t have to be a pervert with you or change who i am to suit your dis-ease. thats your baggage
other: Sure , u have the right to live as u want :)
I am just asking , coz i want to understand how girls thinking :)
me: don’t you want that? why are we any different in that respect? you had a vagina once, before your penis formed ;)
(btw, if a guy wants to manipulate me for a nudie pic this is what your efforts will achieve – the faceless dick pic of shame, i don’t babysit for free)
Photo on 12-9-13 at 10.08 PM #2

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