part-time rovers: glimpse of your future

webcam viewers consists mainly of late 20-40 year old males – there are younger and older but the bulk is the 30 something wasteline

once they’ve burned themselves out on that thrill (or bypass it altogether-maybe not the video game type) or they gain enough confidence or desperate frustration to feed the urge… (which is a  biological need after all-we women just dont have to deal it throbbing externally although the pressure can become palpable)…where do they graduate to?

school’s out for summer – it’s sugar baby season!

in the next phase involves mostly guys 35 and up but i’ve been approached by 22 and 25 year olds – not all the guys on this site are ballsy enough to meet women (and not all of them are wealthy, many with an average income but make it work), they’ll just pay for an account to play the fantasy and work up the nerve – they begin their curiosity on the cam girl sites and i used to get a lot of proposals. again, that behavior is an attempt to build their confidence in believing a certain woman/image would find them attractive

the “ashley madison” type sites have really taken off in the last few years, though most men tell me that site was fake profiles but these days women are beginning to look for alternatives – “seeking arrangement” is probably the most popular for married and single men looking for easy and dependable dates. if the women are naive its even cheaper than cam sites – most guys think $200 is a fair offer – an hour in the virtual world of cams would cost them $300 and that’s not even being able to touch or be seen. but a young, dumb “sugar baby” is much cheaper if they can pull it off (they get a thrill off the “bargain” too) but if you’re dealing with someone having a date/sex with you for $200 it’s highly likely she’s sleeping with many men trying to get a deal and they are sleeping with many women who sleep with many men etc etc – that pool gets filthy.

as a woman who also needs her physical needs met but doesn’t have the time or patience to reel through the free dating sites or bar fulls of uninvested free loaders and mommy clingers looking to take advantage and leave you unsatisfied. of course. the married guys tend to jump around because it’s too risky to become emotionally attached and take on another messy situation. the single guys just go “out of town”

this guy gives a good rundown of it and how even those signed up on the site (both genders) are still just beginning to wet their beaks ;)

normally i avoid people with long write ups but there are some gems in here in relation to what i’m trying to display – you can see how involved this “other world” or “second life” has become for some men…why they have to make is so freudian is the male perversion of control or ownership

SD = “sugar daddy”

SB = “sugar baby”

About Me

Welcome to my extra loooooooooooooong profile :) There are two reasons for this. One, I am particular about what I am looking for. Two, women actually are more likely to read profiles! BTW, if you are not into reading profiles, then you are not my type. You can stop reading right here. Some of you will be mad after reading this profile. Some of you will be more interested after reading this profile. For some, reading this profile will be ultimate solution for your insomnia problems. I hope you at least thank me for this, if this happens. A number of you will learn about what to do and what works in an arrangement. You will also learn a lot more about what doesn’t work in an arrangement. And then there’s others who are incapable of comprehending what the hell I am even saying. To start with, if you are reading my profile, then you are one of the few ladies that I have given access to my profile to. As I receive way too many emails that I dont have time to respond to, I hide my profile by default and I try to do my own due diligence before reaching out to a lady and giving access to my profile but if, as it turns out, you are an SA addict, or an online troll who loves the idea of collecting pics and obsessing with the idea of an arrangement rather than meeting (yes, the majority of ladies on this site fall into that category BTW), and wakes up each morning looking forward to spending some quality time on SA website rather than meeting someone in person, or love imagining from the comfort of your home that you already have an arrangement and spend hours every day flirting with the idea of what gifts you could get even before you have figured out if you even have the time for this, then I am not a match for you. Continue living in your bubble please ;-) I am here to have an actual arrangement: to meet, socialize, and experience chemistry, not spend hours in the online world. Are you tired of reading the same old, same old…? Most of the guys here just give you a list of facts about themselves in the hopes that you might see SOMETHING you like. A lot of folks, both men and women, here just read and write and read… and read… and get nowhere. They’ve been doing this for months. Almost everyone on the site wants a mutually beneficial arrangement but very few are able to take the right steps to actually strike one. If you have time to give to an arrangement and meet your goals, then don’t allow yourself to waste all that time here and get addicted to the site constantly looking for something online you are not going to get! What’s the point in spending months online before ultimately having one meet with a guy and finding out he’s not your type, doesn’t look like his picture, has an abnormal looking tail, is a creep, a weirdo, or whatever, else? What a complete waste of time. I’m a professional, intelligently carving out a successful, creative life, while staying curious like a kid and affectionate like a puppy, yet my depth, down to earth nature, and intensity add a unique flavor. I’m vibrant, funny, goofy, sarcastic, and real. I dislike flakiness, artichokes, insecure people, lameness, and time-wasters who spend weeks in emailing and texting before even meeting for the first time and yet, they say that they have time to make for an arrangement. Please be unique and special. Beauty is common — It’s something you’re born with (or you pay for, lol) but it’s the ones that are born with beauty from the inside out that I am attracted to – they are the ones that are sexy. To me, chemistry is experienced by being able to connect at multiple levels in experiencing a woman – intellectual, physical and emotional. And once you get to know me, you will understand what that actually means and experience it. Once experienced, you will appreciate that the chemistry that I allude to is very hard to find so never let go if you are able to experience the type of chemistry you will hear about from me! What counts is what you make of yourself, but a captivating personality and an infectious energy are rare. If you can appreciate a busy guy, stimulate my mind and body, and treat my time as something that’s as important as yours, then you’ll get a strawberry, a really good one, and we’ll share some wonderful moments. If you’ve read the profile to this point and been able to hold your attention span then you probably have a chance of being my type. It’s not that I like writing a lot. It’s that I am looking for someone intelligent, personable, and perceptive with the intellectual stimulation to find out about someone. So feel free to mention to me that you were able to read my profile. If you can’t keep your attention span focused enough to read to this point, then its highly likely that you are not my type. It’s not that I am looking for a reader nor am I looking for attention. I have found a high correlation between the person I am looking for in an arrangement and someone who is perceptively able to read and respond to what I am saying on this site. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or attractive you are… you will not be able to sell me on an arrangement with you, if you have been unable to read my profile. But if you have found this an interesting read so far… go ahead and try out the next section.

What I’m looking for

80% of the folks here are talkers, flakes, fakes, and picture collectors with no intentions to meet. Are you the exception?! Prove it! There’s a 80% chance that you are no different. What does this mean? This means that more likely than not, if you are the average person this site, you are going get sucked into talking to too many SDs here, exchanging emails and pictures, living in a dream where you think you are going to get a bunch of gifts, money, vacations, etc… and you know what? after a bunch of chatting and texting and wasting your time and the other person’s when it comes time to meet the other person, you will flake out. So much for wasting more time on this site than the time you could have spent in an arrangement meeting your goals. The few who are an exception to this rule have a chance at being arrangement. The rest just think they are special but they aren’t special enough to go beyond wasting a bunch of time here ;-) Would you like to have a local arrangement? Or would you enjoy one where we travel once a month or so to each other or to another destination and enjoy a short vacation? Depending on our common interests we may be able to make one or both of these work. The woman I am looking for will be down to earth, real, and downright sexy. A woman who thinks sexy is likely to appear sexy. A woman who loves, but doesn’t need, a lot of attention and can appreciate the space and limited special moments that we share, is what I seek. You have a lot more going for you than just your looks. You are straightforward about what you want. Most of all, you are clear about the understanding we have and the boundaries we want to keep. BTW, this is especially for you ladies who think that there are SDs who are simply looking for a pretty young thing on their arm for a few hours: I am already surrounded by those in real life and am expecting a lot different and a lot more. Most of the new SBs getting on this website just set a high $$$ requirement on their profile because they have arbitrarily decided that they “just deserve it”. Understand that no guy is going to give you what you ask for unless you are offering something in return that is worth it. More importantly, if you have even an idea of what would make it worthwhile for a guy to have an arrangement with you and what things you would be ready to give to an arrangement, then you will be miles ahead of all the other ladies on this site. You can waste months before figuring that out or you can learn that now. I say this especially to someone new trying this: Have you ever thought about what you are going to give in return and is it equitable for what you seek? If you have, then you are probably worth it. I am not looking for a one time meet & greet — there are plenty of SDs who will make you the promises you want to hear, meet you once, get what they want, and then disappear — go ahead and experiment with that thinking you are better than everyone else, and then lets you and I talk about something realistic. If you are looking to provide arm candy, there are 60+ year olds on this site who would gladly take care of you! If you are looking to send me a daily/weekly picture in return for a regular monthly fee, then move along please. If you are looking for a more consistent allowance from someone you can trust and like to be in the presence of, rather than some high, unrealistic allowance that’s too good to be true, then come to me. I am looking for a “part time” arrangement and not a “high volume” one. What I mean by this is that there are only a few times per month that I can meet, and so my ideal SB will be one who has a job or two of her own that keeps her busy and so there will not be a mismatch in availability or SD expectations. Ideally, an arrangement with me is one that supplements a job or two that my SB has. It doesnt matter what type of job you have. An arrangement with my ideal SB should not become the primary or sole source of income. I cant become a part of making you get into a habit that will be hard to get out of from your career standpoint. If you are looking for an arrangement that is to become your full time income, then we are not a match as I dont even have the time to spend with you in the first place where we meet often at high volume to justify the allowance you are looking for. Lets be realistic about how this arrangement will work. Any of my previous SBs will tell you that I am generous but fair. I am also not looking for a flake (there are a lot of those on this site). Understand that if you constantly find yourself changing plans or coming up with excuses to meet even before our first date, then I will only presume that this is a sign of things to come and just move on. Why would any guy want to bestow gifts on you, if you don’t have an idea of what you have to offer, or have a track record of not being available! I am looking for chemistry, sensuality, affection and drama-free attention each time. I am looking for a lady who is open to experiencing chemistry in its most intense form and if you know what that means, it goes way beyond the physical aspect and bring awareness to all your senses. If you don’t know how to experience that, I can teach you. Over time, in the ideal arrangement, we will experience sensuality and chemistry in its most complete form if we last long enough! You will appreciate that I am as serious about this arrangement as I expect you to be. Understand that it is hard to form an arrangement. I see a few profiles that truly expect and truly think that $3000+ is what one can make on this site because they are that good, intelligent, good-looking or whatever else that they heard about themselves! It gets worse – from the 100s of emails they get, they pick the guys who say that they will spend that kind of money on them! Are they in for some humoring or what! There are no short cuts in life. Understand that the most ideal arrangement is with someone who sounds realistic. An arrangement is not something that will replace your income completely or pay for all of your needs because you saw that in some movie or TV show. Do you really think that Hugh Hefner finds his well paid ladies on this site?! I am not saying that women should be cheap. I am just saying that you should get realistic, treat it as important as your career (since after all, you are going to make more easy money this way than a real job) and you will find your arrangement. The ones that ask for a lot of money are the ones who spend months and months on this site getting nowhere, neither reaching their financial goals nor getting any gifts. Think about this: Which SB do you want to be below? 1. The one who is holding out for $3000 per month thinking that they can get that much easily per month and instead spend 5 months of online bonding with avatars, TV screens, imaginary creatures and other aliens with whom they are texting in addition to having a few disappointing one-time meets without making any money at all? Or… 2. … the one who is asking for something more reasonable and is able to start an arrangement within a week or two of trying the arrangement thing, and has an arrangement that lasts for 6 months? BTW, who do your think made more money in these two scenarios? And who do you think wastes more time online living in their virtual world? Just do the math on how much they could have made over 6 months in either scenario. Hint: In one of the two scenarios, guess what the SB made? Answer: $0. Again, If you cant answer that last question, you are not my type. LOL. There a number of online “trolls” on this website who are getting nowhere with the process. If you are one of those who spends hours and hours on this website trying to find a better match and sending an email or two without following up and meeting, please dont waste my time. My time is precious and I have no time for someone that has no idea how to go about setting up an arrangement and instead dwells in being addicted to the online virtual attention received by others living in the world of seeking arrangement! This site is about meeting, socializing and connecting — in person. So take that next step towards actually meeting and we will have some wonderful moments. That means be ready to go on a date to meet in person and we can decide in person if the chemistry is there or it isnt! Newbies will find me to be patient in explaining how this works if I have an interest in you and you don’t have unrealistic show-stopper signs.

However, the following are all show-stoppers

1. Your profile has a high monthly allowance goal in return for a long itemized list of things you WONT do. Really? You would like to be compensated for being a pain in the rear? LOL. You will either never sell yourself to a potential SD or you will end up talking to a guy with low self-esteem that you don’t want to be seen with! Please be clear in your profile on what you are willing to give to an arrangement that makes you attractive. Arrangements are done for different reasons and you have to find the right match, but it wont happen without a clear articulation of the give and take that will happen between both parties.

2. You think the starting point for a newbie SB is to make a lot more money than the going rate for an experienced SB. An experienced SB knows what the right allowance is to keep an SD coming back to her reliably month after month. A newbie SB wants to negotiate a high $ allowance before even meeting the guy. Haha… For some reason, the SB’s dream of making a lot of money on this site without thinking about what the SB has to offer to a guy is often prevalent. Who spends money on something they’ve not seen?! And yet, even before an SD has met you or seen you, you get caught up with negotiating a high rate! Even if you get a potential SD to agree this way, youa re probably dealing with an idiot or more likely than not, a scammer or creep. Yes, we are going to have a lot of fun in an arrangement but was your first job out of school a high paying job, or does one make more with time given one’s track record? Sure – SBs make a lot more money here but the overall concept here is no different than looking for a job. You have to work your way up based on your experiences.

3. This is very common. You have thought about how much money/gifts you want (some SBs have even arbitrarily decided they ‘deserve” a certain amount and exactly which stores they are planning to shop) but you have not figured out whether you even have time for this and continue to be flaky in your communications and availability. In short, in return for your flakiness, you feel that you deserve an allowance. Another LOL moment. You barely have enough time to meet and are constantly in the habit of canceling or postponing plans but for some reason you want to make sure you get your monthly allowance on a timely basis. My reaction to this: ROTFL. This is a serious arrangement where you will commit to making time available, otherwise its not a fair give and take, and you can be sure that any SD will bail on you overnight when that rent you need help with is due leaving you high and dry. If you cant make yourself reliable, then don’t expect me to be. You will run into a few guys who will make you whatever promise to have a one-night stand, and then disappear – some will pay you for the one night stand, others will disappear on you doing nothing.

4. I have seen this again and again: for some reason, newbie SBs often expect an offer when the guy has not even met them. Who makes an offer on something that they cant even see in person?!! If a guy agrees to give you an offer by text or by email without having met you, there’s ALWAYS a catch. He has decided that you are an idiot, so he humors you with a financial allowance that he will get you to meet. Or he has a different scam going on. Or he will just throw a number out at you so he can get you to meet him so he can have a one night stand with you – half of the one night standers then back out of gifting you anything after that experience. So much for choosing to go after the guy who promised to fulfill your unrealistic dreams!

5. You are looking for a regular arrangement involving you “sending a guy your pictures in return for a monthly allowance”. You have decided that its a privilege for a guy to get your pictures. In return for a picture of your toe or your ear, you have decided to charge $50. Your proposition is that if you can get an allowance in exchange for your ear, nose, and throat (ENT) pictures for a few weeks, then maybe you will meet the guy one day. In short, your profile is written to attract stupid or old or lonely SDs only. Now I am LMAO. Add hahahaha to that. LMFAO. BTW, I have heard this picture exchange proposition more than once.

6. If we take two months before you can even meet the first time, then we are probably just not going to meet in arrangement. Now do you understand why an SD might want to start with an allowance on a per meet basis?! Its because you have a reputation to not have time for this. You are too busy with school and your part time job, so the arrangement comes last. You agree with me when I mention this as an issue with a lot of other SBs but then you act no differently. Hahaha. Did I say LOL before? And you only like to email and text, no interest in meeting in person. In short, you expect that the SD be reliable with the allowance waiting for you each week or month even though you keep cancelling. In a working arrangement, my previous SBs will vouch for me and agree that I always give you your space to accommodate your school and personal life as those things are more important, but if its to the extent that we just don’t have time to meet, then it will only result in us not meeting, and you also wont see any financial assistance each month. You are probably just not cut out for this.

7. You have limited time for this so you decide to offer me the “privilege” to meet you for one hour only followed by me being given the special opportunity to take you shopping after that. All of these privileges will be given to me in return for a meet-n-greet fee. You truly believe that such arrangements exist and guys come back for more based on this type of arrangement because men are such fools. LMFAO. Oh, I just came up with a new one: LOTFR  Note: I don’t mean to sound like I have seen it all. But as you can see, I have seen a lot! And I don’t mean to sound like there are issues only with SBs. I know that there a lot of idiot SDs out there too and you experienced SBs will have a lot of stories to tell I am sure! Advice for newbies: If you read through all of my profile till this section I have given you some of the most valuable advice from a guy’s perspective. It will help you whether its with me or some other SD. I am not talking on behalf of the scammers on the site but the few guys who really want to set up an arrangement. Don’t consider this site to be a place where you will easily make money. That rarely happens. The saying goes: If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! Just because you have decided that you want to retire from dancing and that your last dancing gig paid $3000, it would only make sense for an SD to pay you that much as your replacement allowance, doesn’t make any sense. Worse, you go for five months wasting 100 s of hours trying to reach this goal. If you seriously want a regular arrangement where your time is not constantly wasted getting nowhere on this site for months, then understand that this is a give-and-take arrangement. Understand that financial arrangements et better as time passes, as friendship evolves, and as a connection improves. You should spend time thinking through not just about what you are looking for, but also about what are the possible reasons guys may want an arrangement for. Guys do this for different reasons – think about whether any of those reasons are acceptable to you. If so, then continue on with looking for those SDs whose specific arrangement experience you can fulfill. They will be more willing than others to try to provide you your needs — not just once but consistently. If none of the things a guy may want fits what you may be willing to do, then don’t waste your time stupidly on this site thinking that you will have a sustainable way of forming an arrangement while while providing nothing an SD might want . And when you find out you wasted your time discovering this on your own, certainly don’t take it out on them with some drama for wanting something that you couldn’t provide in the first place! After reading this, you may decide this is not for you. You may also decide after reading this to ignore what I am saying and continuing to pursue the impossible because after all, you are better than everyone else Go ahead and spend hundreds of hours on this site over the next few months with no allowance for your wasted time. Good luck with that. Or you may decide to approach this with a different perspective – good for you. If you understand this perspective and use it to your advantage, and are willing to work hard to make an arrangement happen then you will differentiate from the rest.


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