oppositions in retrospect

I think you are crazy. Crazy people tend to interest me. I bet you have a category for that though. A category and potential solution for everyone in the world besides yourself. I suppose I was in a dark spot in life when I first stumbled upon your silly blogs. The John and Yoko videos are nice. I suppose we share one common interest. I guess the Devil acts in mysterious ways too.


  • Billy: Ok. Things are getting out of hand here. This is weird. Truly weird. Beyond the pale, man.
  • drinking early today?


    • thanks for noticing – i work hard on displaying that concept


      1. Is the quota measured with respect to cocks? or money? cum shots? orgasms? What metric do you use I wonder? I am curious what you pull in within a day. Shit, I may even have to volunteer to help out for a menial fee. People can write little role playing stories and we can reenact it for them. I fucked on cam a couple times before they took the Yahoo user rooms down in 2005. The New Jersey Fun Couples room. That place was a den of iniquity. Did it on an incline bench press piece. Surprisingly I think more women watched us then men. I wonder why that is, women certainly do not get overly excited about seeing men’s cocks on cam. Well, you do not watch a man jack off on cam for free do you?

        • Those user rooms were fun back in the day. Pure hell and debauchery. Difference is no one was charging a price. The “Rate my cock” room was a classic. Always full of people that were very professional about one and only one task, rating cocks. I generally pulled a 8.5 to a 10. There use to be this one guy that was in the user rooms, he had a little dog doing drinks. Jumping through hoops on fire, some times magic tricks were in order. Eventually some rich family realized their 13 year old daughter was sending out nude pics to men in these rooms and sponsors pulled away from Yahoo until they shut the rooms down. Now all the rooms are shut down. It is was for the better to keep those rooms running, now all the pedos will be on the streets without Yahoo to keep them locked in their dingy basements, with their Pall Malls and Little Ceaser pizza. Crazy fucks.

          no, i have no desire to watch them. i do find it fascinating but it took me a while to understand why guys would pay to see me at all. i don’t take on partners, don’t know why guys think there’s an open invite. the quota was regarding money. it was kind of a game to see just how much i could earn for a while. also figuring out peak hours for US customers (after lunch/dinner or before work early am – avoid football game times)

          Well, if you really want to be smart about it. I would say Saturday night after they strike out at the bar and are drunk. Yet, nothing is better than advertising, clearly you are not advertising in the right spots. If you want to see income triple, make a PofF(or other dating account) and place the location near a military base town. A large one like Ft Hood, Ft Brag, or Ft Bliss perhaps. Those GIs have nothing better to do than to spend their money on sex. That is why there are more escorts and call girl operations in Killeen that a city such as Austin with is 5 times larger in population. Do not fall for one of these guys though. They are nothing more than dogs with limited vocabulary sets. Intelligent as a white grub that rests under a rock after a cold Texas spring rain.

          i don’t need to advertise. you have no clue what you’re talking about again. when did you do cam work? military guys don’t spend money on cams, they are aggressive entitled brutes who rudely come in and ask to see my ass with $.20 in their account

          I know what I am talking about. Just because you had a few experiences in it does not mean that defines them all. So do you think the person that designs the bridge does not know how to build one until he physically builds one with the ground team himself? There are more strip clubs in Killeen than Austin. Killeen is 150,000 people, Austin is around 800,000. I know what I am talking about. Granted a lot do not pay, but that applies to many in general. You take this shit seriously huh.

      2. I was not juxtaposing it with stripping. You missed my point. I mean if the men have money for escorts, prostitutes and strippers then trust me there are tons of men that have it for camgirls. These guys are desperate. I on the other hand am not. I like to fuck and look at a girl naked on cam as much as the next guy. I will be damned if I have to pay for it though. Why can’t we have a world where women have to pay to see my cock. Wouldn’t that be nice. A matriarch society.

        so are you just jealous of cam girls too? or do you still think its immoral?

        you keep looking at it as a business, i don’t



        Half dressed pictures and your phone number? I safely can say that I can not make heads or tails of this. This is a real treasure chest of contradictions. A cornucopia of intrigue. What is the real underlining message here? Is it a cry for help? An anthropological study for an undergraduate thesis? Or maybe it is just an indirect way to get text messaged some cock shots? I hope it all ends well for our Jenny.

        this was before i realized exactly what i was dealing with. i’m very innocent in many ways. i was just trying to feel things out to get my footing. it’s embarrassing sure, but honest and i’m only human. thats the whole point of doing this or i might as well just write a fairytale


        Billy on March 29, 2013 at 4:51 pm said:Edit

        It is reading shit like this that makes me pray that there is a Mad Max scenario, nuclear winter or great depression around the corner.Something like out of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. If this does not serve as an indicator that we are suffering from a societal disease, I do not know what else will. Strength through adversity. It is how we as humans over come our challenges that define us. What is the challenge now? Negating raising a family and keeping a good budget so you can manage to pay for a cam girl. In a few years even cam girls will be out of a job, they will be replaced by holograms and mechanical devices that suck the semen out of men like in THX 1138. Enjoy these times well you can.

        i try to enjoy every moment i’m given. its sad that you still live under the belief that we are just one label. cam work does not define me, if it offends you that badly why are you reading this? its not much different than visiting me on my cam site. i battle this shit in every aspect of life. you should look into trying yoga, it might help you understand the connection

        i’m trying to avoid what you just described as the future, if you think thats any better, the only way i know how at them moment is shining a light on misconceptions and communicating what i’m seeing going on, you don’t realize i’m just an actress i don’t see or touch or deal with anything i don’t want to. strippers can’t get away from bad auras, bodily fluids, acne ooze, creepy stares and shit stained fingers. porn is dying out, i’m happy to say, camming is a step to re engaging people. its not a perfect system, but there are those looking for that help

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