STELE  FILM  Lars and the Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider, Kelli Garner, Patricia Clarkson  Supplied by Rialto Distribution  Pic. Rialto Supplied By NN368191

e-male: So i dont wanna b like everyone else on here but i thought u were pretty cool in high school and i wish i wasnt shy back then cuz i wanted to talk to u but i didnt. Dont remember if we had any classes together? im an airbrush artist now…who knew..has anyone asked to paint a portrait of u b4? U got talent, u should let someone do that!…thats my way of sayin your foxy without tryin to hit on you. Lol How r u, what u been up to since high school? Hit me up woman ;)
me: haha – i would love portrait done of me – i’ve never been offered before :)
i’ve wanted to do a photo shoot of me looking like a blow up doll – can you airbrush gloss/latex onto a body?
e-male: Ive airbrushed a few chicks b4. More about painting bikes and cars. There is a way to give u a wet look, ;) lol id have to ask around. Blow up doll…thats cool. Who knows maybe ill hit u up and do a portrait. Maybe do something cool n back ground like water drops under fire? I figured u do some type of modeling or just like takin pics of yourself. Lol …click on girl ;) u still n pasadena?
me: no, in austin these days you? i did web cam modeling – i had a god encounter and its kind of part of all that if you can believe it lol they had to prepare me for exposing myself – i slowly learned to take good shots of myself – i used to be a photographer before all of this other stuff
the blow up doll idea came during all the cam work – just artistic expression of reality

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