“this guy” is everywhere

: Looking very good Wow

me: ty :)

: U welcome

Why aren’t you out on the town?
me: what for?
: Why not?
me: i can’t think of any place id want to go

: Damn

me: or anyone i’d want to go with lol

: Damn again

U haven met me yet haha
me: that is true
Lots of places to go
Plus it’s Friday nite
Put in hard wk need to unwind
U sound unhappy because u never been in my World ha
I make u laugh
me: i’m not unhappy just because i don’t partake in the night life

: Nownow

Not sure about that
Depends on who’s nite life
me: i don’t care to be around drunk people and i’m always getting hit on- i’m more fun than those people lol

: I bet

me: how do you know me?
: I don’t
me: oh – what made you add me?

: Saw your pic thought u were pretty

Sent u a request
me: how often do you add girls you don’t know?

: I add who I want

No big deal
me: thats fine – just curious

: Most of them I don’t talk to

me: i know i’m not the only one
why add them?

: Lonely

me: i see
what made you talk to me?

:I am still laughing

me: why?

: Just was funny

me: what was?

: U asking me about adding women

Don’t u add men
me: no lol why would i do that?

: Maybe to get to know them

me: i know enough lol
i was a cam girl – i don’t need to work after hours

: U never know enough u don’t even know me and the the world knows me

me: i’m in the world an i have no clue who you are

: See

But now u are meeting me
me: “who” are you

: The whole world calls me Hank

me: why hank?

: That from a song hang williams

I am Sonny
Did u look at my profile
me: yeah i can read that – how are you known?

: Ran for Harris County Office 2012 mi

me: and?

: Owned a club on nasal Rd one for 10 yrs

me: and it went worldwide?
2 grow kids
Date Dr. Neil A Russian neuro science
me: ?

: I am nobody

me: date?
The picture on my profile was with Sean Connery pic was taken Barcelona Spain
me: ok, so you’re more privileged than me – is that meant to be attractive?

: Darno

Just messing around
me: i can’t pay my rent and may be homeless soon – spain sounds nice

: It is nice

me: but what did you mean by “Date Dr. Neil A Russian neuro science”

: I use to date her she is a big professor at U Chicago

me: oh lol sounded like a guy
: Met her at 24 hour fitness
 5 yrs ago
She is gone
me: i have no idea who that is honey
nor am i impressed

: Nothing

 Not trying to
me: what makes you interesting? all i’m getting is a resume

: My heart

me: how so?

: It is Awesome

me: why is that?

: Because it is big

me: apparently – you’ve’ got tons of room for random strange women ;)

: Not at all

me: then what am i?

: U are someone new

me: and you are someone old – why do you add women who you aren’t compatible with?

: I don’t know u that what makes things neat

me: for you
 for me, once again I am the entertainment – you are a perv

: Just the way I roll

me: i know

:What ever

I haven’t asked u for anything
me: but ya did

: U know u could go out with me and just see a movie or dinner

me: why would i want to do that?

:Because u need a friend

me: do you think younger girls would honestly want to date an OLDer man? i’m trying to save you some frustration
 i don’t need that kind of friend

: I have dated and lived with women my daughters age and they loved me I moved them out

me: well that’s gross

: Got tried of there Drama

me: you work for nasa?

:Look I didn’t ask u to marry me

What kinda questions is that
me: you didn’t pay me to pretend that i like you either. i’m giving you honest reaction

: Ok

 Are u a Sunday school teacher
me: its not uncommon to ask about someones job – you told me you were known around the world and to look at your profile – so i noticed you put nasa under employment
i kind of am

: Same reaction

me: i answered the question

: I go to church ever Sunday

me: so?

: So back at u

me: that has nothing to do with god – i speak to him directly
:Wow Don’t we all
me: not like me :)
but i’m working on it
: Now Now
I thought u were good looking and that’s it
me: that’s my point – you’re just an old perv

: I want someone to go out with

Nothing more
What ever
me: why would you think i would go out with you?

: I never asked u out

me: i’m seriously curious – why do old men think that is a sincere possibility?
you’re stuck in your teenage brain – wake up dude
cancer’s a bitch and you don’t have much time left – what’s the point of the illusion?

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