excerpt: The role of a woman during the Age of Aquarius


Virgin Mary, Titian

During the age of Pisces the personality of a woman stayed unrevealed. The woman was subordinate to the man, and there were almost no female names among the scientists, writers, composers, artists, mathematicians. What’s the reason for this inequality? Did God deprive women of all the talents and left them only with the external beauty and the charm of the soul? For God’s sake, no! The reason is the Cosmic predestination, according to which during the age of Pisces women incarnated the principles of the Virgo sign, symbolizing duty, service, subordinate position. The ideal image of the woman of the period of Pisces was the Saint Mary – the symbol of purity, chastity, kindness and forgiveness. Social relationships of the Patriarchal society made women subordinate – they were required to be modest, hard-working, reserved, polite, clean. Virginity was precious as to the choice of a bride.

Ancient Greek beauty
Things were different during…

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