lesson 1: landscapes


empath exercise to withdraw from the visual vice and retune to access your inner senses: remove the hook from your 3rd eye, fi$hies

this is very basic and probably nothing new but try to practice awareness of the influence of shapes and symbols within the viewing stream of your life. i’ve attached some thematic videos to aid in the transition exercise if they suit your taste, just watch and receive while allowing any image to become a shell to represent anyone or thing they may trigger – notice the shapes within a body and in comparison to the shapes within other objects – how does the geometrics of a body relate to shapes as symbols (i.e.. circles and the fullness or squares and the rigidness) and the energetic lines connecting those shapes into a landscape – can you place yourself as the size of a flea and see the shapes of the body/object from the perspective of it being a tundra?

homework: can you do that with your own body? see it as a landscape, you are an extension of nature – experimental “selfies” are great for this – start on a microlevel and work out to the periphery – get comfortable with and learn to appreciate, like art or nature,  the subtle shapes and coding within your physical landscape on a smaller scale and it will be an easier transition (deprogramming) to embracing the whole, regaining confidence and eliminating anxieties of the unknown or hidden insecurities


coming soon: guided tantric/sensory practice


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