lesson 3: noticing subtle bodies

or energetic bodies – can you see the energy lines in play, the ripple and waves? can you see the lines the body creates in space? think of a sound wave, picture a heart monitor or a lie detector and how the lines can spike up and down or run smoothly – how does energy transmit from your system? is there a clear line for the flow or are there glitches in the stream? how do you unravel?


smoothing out the energy congested along the spine can lead to deeper sensitivity of the energetic circuit in your subtle body and inner muscles- this will enhance the sensory practice coming soon so think about adding a gentle yoga practice to your routine to help awaken those dormant connections. also a great idea is getting a foam body roller to decompress your sacral area and the muscles along your spinal column

on a relative side note:

  • http://www.energeticsinstitute.com.au/page/characterology.html
  • “However, the problem arises when one stays in a state of fear even when the danger is over. Being chronically in a state of readiness drains the kidneys and the adrenal glands (adrenal exhaustion), which continues to affect the functioning of the endocrine system (which is, in its turn, directly linked to all other systems in the body), closes the entire physical and energetic system and creates tension in the musculoskeletal system. The entire physical and the energetic bodies are “shrinking”; the same goes for the chakras and gradually, less energy enters our system. A person starts to live in danger even when actually there isn’t any. Our entire nervous system, and the way in which neurons are connected, begins to follow this state of tension …” http://www.infinitesouljourney.com/articles-and-interviews/prva-chakra-i-sizoidna-karakterna-struktura

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