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…decrease immunal strain

Masturbation and the immune system

For males, there is some evidence that trace amounts of nutrients may be lost during ejaculation, but it appears so far that the good outweighs the bad when it comes to masturbation and health. Sadly, research on nutrient loss through vaginal fluids has not been conducted to date, so we know less about the immune system response in women during masturbation and orgasm.

What we know is that for all genders, masturbation has a great deal of health benefits. Masturbation can be a:

  • Muscle relaxant
  • Sleep aid
  • Stress-reducer
  • Sexual educator (e.g. helping you learn what you like, how you orgasm, etc)
  • Mood-enhancer (via opioid-like neurotransmitter-release in the brain)
  • Self-esteem booster
  • And yes, an immune-system enhancer (at least for males, on whom this research has been conducted on exclusively)

All of this with no side effects! If a pill could do all that, the pharmaceutical companies would be battling for the patent. But luckily for us, all these benefits come (no pun intended) free of charge. Research indicates that some types of white blood cells are increased in the blood stream during masturbation, during both the sexual stimulation and orgasm stages. Other types of white blood cells remain unaffected, but none are depleted. This is interesting since both female and male ejaculate contain a substantial amount of antibodies.


Depression and the immune system

Such speculation was strengthened by research showing that depressive states can be experimentally induced by administering cytokines and other immunogenic agents (such as vaccines) that cause an inflammatory response.

Depression is frequently associated with inflammatory illnesses such as heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s also a side effect of treatment with cytokines to enhance the immune system.

Over recent decades, researchers have made progress in understanding how inflammation may impact on the activity of signalling pathways to and from the brain, as well as on the functioning of key neural systems involved in mood regulation.


trans formations

Trans genders: one of my causes from the god encounter

This is nothing new, though it’s making a splash in the news recently and rightfully so. Oh man, this topic is epic in so many ways. It addresses our very foundation, our shiva/shakti, positive/negative, solar/lunar, adam/eve beginnings. God himself (I refer to him as a He just as a personal preference and complimentary pairing to my feminine structure) is basically a trans gender. He shows himself to me through men and women, embodying the spirit of his sexuality and sensuality, not objectifying a vessel but using each medium as a canvas to display his many facets.

I see God in her, singing to me:

I saw God in Caitlyn Jenner today in an article:


Look at the smile in the eyes of those ladies. These are free spirits. These are appreciative and celebratory beings unobstructed from suffering silently and playing the game. They, more than most of the female smoke screens used for manipulations, inspire me to enjoy and celebrate my body. Media displays women as sexual objects and looking at those images always stirs that reminder, I am an object. Seeing these spirits, regardless of their sexual implications, enjoy decorating and displaying their artfulness and self appreciation makes me feel more empowered to do the same, with a new found responsibility to take back what has been disfigured in society. Thank you for the extra sparkle in my eye today.

This doesn’t just apply to women. How often are men encouraged to peacock themselves without the taint of being labeled too feminine? Very rarely. Society has made the barbie doll much cooler than Ken. But that is just perversion creating an illusion. Women are beautiful, my circle paintings are direct dedications to my bubble butt and luscious curves. But for me, men are way more attractive and mysteriously beautiful, not just physically, but also the potential they have within to be a compliment to me.  Women are lunar, round, soft and full. Men are solar, edgy, firm and pliable. Can you mix textures, of course! Being attractive is nice but finding our happy, comfort zone is essential for growth and making positive changes or opportunity in life.

Do you need to be loved and desired by everyone? Sounds like you’ve got some self love/worth issues. Very few can truly steal your heart. And the only one that really matters is the one experiencing your heart…YOU! It’s gonna take a pretty spectacular man to realize and appreciate all my nooks and crannies, but i’ll be there to reveal them to him. Do you even know what is worth revealing and sharing about yourself? What about you do you find value in? Have you ever been allowed to consider that?


Another issue this brings up for me in regards to the female culture is seeing the LGBTQ community band together. We do try as women and we are making gains, but something we can learn from all of this is to support each other. Stop the jealous thoughts when you see another beautiful/talented woman. Imagine you are her and every time someone sees your image some negative energy is thrown at you…that shit piles up and always stinks. During my cam work I gained more respect for both men and women (my commentary may not always reflect that but imagine what i thought before and read with a touch of sarcasm and desperation to make a point). I knew the work these women were doing daily, it is a grind – no pun intended. But they went on everyday, smiling and hiding their frustrations and exhaustion behind their sociable eyes.

Sometimes I would see one and think “it must be so easy for her – people just do what she wants” but thats just the illusion – upon tapping in i see the same issues and insecurities all women have. Do you feel good when another woman, whether you like them or not, fails at something or faces struggle? If yes, then why? What in you feels so unfairly treated or less than that you have to battle an image? We all know what its like to take bad pictures and if one comes out nice we feel stupid and selfish for thinking so. You are nature, you are art. You are not your body, your body is your play ground. Learn again how to play, have fun with nature and give others the same courtesy to experiment and discover themselves within it.

It hardens my heart when I do this work and get negative feedback, especially from women. I’m fighting a cause dedicated to all genders, especially women as I am one myself. When you back up or excuse the ingrained misogyny of predatory men you are doing their work for them like a good slave. I understand wanting to stand up for the weaker sex but my methods come from what they’ve shown me that they respond to. An authoritative male voice, which is usually a bit degrading, it’s just what they relate to in transition, it’ll even out…I’ve tried many different approaches but had to take on or incorporate some of their characteristics to be more relatable.

When a woman wants to berate me for responding to people who’ve sought me out, then that shows me that she’s one of those gals who probably doesn’t get the attention she wants from men, thinking the attention I get is desirable, and by backing the men up maybe it will give her some positive male attention for siding with them. Not cute and it doesn’t work – you just become the female friend for the dudes to vent to about the girls they are actually attracted to….am i right? Having some respect for yourself is the best way to achieve respect back.

So I guess I’ll be getting back to full spectrum work here – looking forward to filling in the other side of my observations and experience. In the mean time… it girls ;) xoxo




Upon initiation to my webcam work I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t a traditionally “flirty” type of girl, I tended to stay aware of upcoming advances and play dumb or ignorant to avoid come-on attempts.  There’s no training for these sites and although I looked around to see what the other girls were doing, none of it seemed natural. So I thought I needed to “learn how to be sexy”. So I paid attention to what the guys asked of me, studying how different things translate to arousal for them. I found myself becoming some chimeric actress who had no idea why she was doing the things she was doing, very disconnected from feeling things, rather just playing a role.

It took a few awkward weeks of trying to please everyone. They’d ask me to change outfits, change my makeup, flex my muscles, lick my lips, etc. I would and then realized they were just using this as a game to see what all they could get me to do and how long they could milk me for attention.

It was also like they worked from a shared brain. There were many spread out around the US that had so many EXACT requests. One in which they would just try to get me to put on freak shows like “fuck your bed post”, “fuck a brush” or “fuck a high heel shoe” (easily faked with camera tricks and positioning) I got these almost daily when i was a “new model”- they know the game and who to prey on. Once, when asked to fuck a heel for the 5th time, I asked him “why do you like it?” and “i don’t understand why you guys request this, where are you getting it from?” he replies “oh, someone’s already asked you to do that? let me think of something else.” disgusting dude…they just want to shove shit into our pussy holes regardless of how it actually feels…they aren’t mary poppin’s bags, boys. It’s like me getting turned on by you sticking your cock in an ATM cash dispenser. silly, distorted bullshit.

They would send fake cams (recordings of other men’s cocks) to get the reactions or mess with us. I once had someone play a video of a man with down syndrome and he wanted me to play for him. The vid was just of an incoherent man’s face but the typing in the messaging was pretty keen ;). I actually thought “it probably would be a helpful tool for disabled who don’t have as many social opportunities”, then I realize every guy here IS  somewhat disabled.

They were messing with my mind, my feelings, my livelihood and had no qualms about it. I knew what they were doing and it didn’t anger but really saddened me. It’s like cams is a place for men to go and have no sense of morality – an escape from responsibility at the high price of the very thing they value and covet most, women. Think deeply about why you live a life in which this escape is necessary or essential to continuing your charade.

What I discovered from my “acting sexy” is that it wasn’t making me money – it only brought in the masses of men looking for insecure and easily manipulated women. So I decided to see if business picked up by me just being myself and I went from $10 an hour to $50-$100 an hour. Men weren’t really attracted to the “crap” it just made them feel less responsible and invested. The problem I noticed is that they were training each other on what to find arousing. Any of the shows that I would do were designed around male requests and visuals (camera work), not pleasing women.

What has happened is that men are getting off to other male choreographed fantasies, has nothing to do with female desires or actual sensational pleasure. In essence, you’re jacking each other off, the women/images are just the  fulcrum or confession window filtering out what’s on the other side of the story, some other horny dude.

So this “male porn” is really HOMO-EROGENOUS PORN! lololol still gets me rolling every time – just one big online male orgy and apparently men love self torture – thanks for YOUR show boys – i learned a lot xoxo


Welcome to your coming out!!!

for your balls hopefully :)

femme vs. mass porn

Most porn has a predominantly male perspective. The directors are usually men, and most porn is made for men. As a result, the camera often embodies the male gaze“: It looks where a man(a stereotypical straight man, that is) would look.

As a result, women are presented exclusively as objects of desire and never as subjects of pleasure.

This is why men are so strangely absent from much straight porn, except as disembodied penises.

This can easily appear, as J. Bryan Lowder once said on Slate, as a strange form of reverse objectification.

But, as Lowder notes, there’s a simple reason for this: Most porn made for men is shot in such a way as to allow the male viewer to project himself into the scene. The woman is thus presented as available to any man who wishes to use her.


A penis needs to be present, but the man to whom it is attached had better not be too present, lest he threaten to become the focus and the male viewer be threatened with homo-eroticism.

Only the woman is to be seen, and she is there for the pleasure of the male viewer.

Similarly, hardly any attention is paid in most porn to authentic female sexual pleasure.

It’s not just the fake moaning. It’s the fake sex.

Sure, it’s nice if the guy goes down on the woman after she has gone down on him. But having gone down on a few women, I’m here to tell you that what passes for cunnilingus in most porn is not giving anyone much pleasure.

The guy is usually so busy not blocking the woman’s genitals that he can barely make contact with her clitoris.

not great for learning by example and will only further ostracize and give you more performance anxiety.

the age of the girly-man


my dating profile on the sugar baby site:

About Me

petite yoga teacher

love laughing, learning and passion with discernment

PLEASE: discontinue the pointless emails – if you aren’t serious about finding an arrangement then please pass me by – I’m here to find some fun, not frustrating and misleading emails. It’s hard enough for a single woman in the dating world to sort through the masses and I think a lot of you are here because you can’t get responses on the free sites and you’ll trick the girls here into texting back and forth all day with you when you have no true interest in an arrangement but just need a virtual babysitter and cheap ego boost because your wives are sick of you. Thanks in advance! For the rest of you, bring it!!! I’m bored :)

What I’m looking for

“partner yoga” with a feisty dominant who generously appreciates the sacred arts aka funtime :)


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