body mystury

e-male: I rather enjoyed the short bit I got to see of your show tonight! Very fun!
me: oh cool haha – what did you catch?
e-male: Just the tail end of your yoga, which was great, and then you flashing someone quickly, then I had to go haha How much better did it get after that?
me: i did yoga partially and chatted – had a counsel time with a married dude worried about his marriage
hahaha – you saw the flash lol – that was the only one – they used to have tits for tips on weekends but its changed since i last worked on there – there’s tipping chat so i’m not sure if mine was illegal lol – easy to play the dumb cam girl though and say i didnt know

e-male: Oh cool! Do you normally start your show with Yoga? Or did I just pick a really good time to come in? haha

me: when i practice at home i’ll either make a vid or broadcast it – i’ll prob be doing more afternoon yoga sessions on there since i stopped my monthly membership at my regular place – i need the workout and it gives them a good breathing focus during the work days
i try to remember to post it on the jenny printz site – not always here on Facebook but since i had a swell in friend adds i thought they might benefit
e-male: Well I certainly appreciate it! I was looking through your blog a little while back and couldn’t find a link, so that was helpful.
me:  yeah – its all on there somewhere lol i dont post when i do nightly chats but i might if i do them – i have interesting convos on there – i wish i’d recorded the one from today.
are you subscribed on wordpress?

e-male: I don’t think so, but I check your blog fairly regularly. I subscribed on your cam site though haha

me: hahaha – if you subscribe through wordpress you’ll get the notifications of when i’ll be on if i post them – if you’re a cam site member it may have that option but i’m not sure

e-male: Oh okay, perfect. I heard you mention something about private chat? How does one get that, just buying credits?

me: yeah – the other stuff they added is tipping chat – i did that the other night last week – kinda like a nude chat but tips instead of per minute like nude chat – idk gets confusing – i like staying with free chat and one on one requests – otherwise its chaotic
i do it more for getting info out , teaching technique and getting blog material lol – the performances aren’t for my pleasure really
e-male:Oh, you’re not really enjoying making the videos? How come? If you don’t mind my asking!
me: not that i don’t enjoy it – i’m the facilitator – like a yoga teacher – i can go there to guide but it’s mainly just my job – i can’t spread myself that thin and most of them are identical requests so its not something you can always “get into” ya know? its different as an audience member than as the performer or one in the spotlight of expectation
its not something i seek out to do – its just what is part of the territory
gotta get int the trenches lol
e-male: Yeah, good point. I totally understand. Is there another website they can be purchased from? Possibly one that doesn’t require a membership, but rather a purchase per video thing?
Or do you only use that one site? :)
me: idk – i’ve never attempted it from that side lol – i’ve never watched my vids on there because i’d have to pay for them lol – i used to offer a jennyprintz package on my psychic services website to combine the training with the understanding of sexual energetics but i don’t really offer the sole performance stuff anymore outside of the cam site audience – don’t want to single you out but i wouldn’t feel comfortable probably because of your age and how i’ve met you honestly – it’s something i’m trying to tackle in a certain way and i don’t want to stop you from exploring what you need to – there is plenty of stuff out there to practice with – but in this situation i wouldn’t feel comfortable just giving you cam porn or acting type situations

e-male: Haha It’s totally cool, I get it.

me: i’m happy to guide you along for sure but i don’t want to encourage mindless material – not because its not necessary but it’s already there and i can contribute something different ;)
e-male: What could you contribute? :0
me: you know what? there is a vid i can reload that you guys would like – its not too much nudity but a good transition piece that’s not too trash lol – i’ll have it posted in a bit
e-male: To your blog, or to the cam site?
me: blog – its not a porn – i’ll have to try to find the old blog it was attached to
e-male: Okay, cool.
me: i dont control the cam site vids -i could do an intro but i’m not that into it – the vids are just recordings of the private chats that guys buy and i don’t have access to those

e-male: Oh, okay.

Yeah, I just wanted to see what your cams were all about. Not necessarily for a “porn” sense, but just to get a feel of what kind of work you do as a cam model. That’s why I would rather have bought one, than a paid subscription haha
me: i see – well maybe i’m just having to learn to treat younger men as adults lol (erik) its’ hard cus i used to babysit most of my life so anyone 3 years younger to me are like my kids – not to belittle but i’m motherly so its strange doing this work sometimes – most of the time i’m just a diagram/model or giving them what they are used to in my yoga teaching minded way – there needs to be transition to reroute direction but its not something you can always achieve in one cam session so the best option is at lead to relax their system and give them a safe place to express – i read the energy to know when to “react”, amp it up, slow them down or whateverr to help them create better habits
to even out or stimulate – depending on what they need in the moment
i have spirits walk in and do shows for me lol – i have spirits walk in to clients with certain issues – its how i know erik mostly and all the boys with him on the other side – his work with the women is very similar
e-male: I totally understand. Perhaps it would help to think less of me physically, with a physical age, and more mentally or spiritually – how I behave and carry myself. I’m certainly not going to get giddy and blush about your body, and I’m not going to go crazy and obsess over it either. It’s not like I’m even close to being new to sex, or my sexuality, so there’s really no need to worry! :)
Forget the spiritual side, and just think of me as another viewer, interested in you, your work, and your expression of self.
me: that stuff is part of my expression lol – the cam guys hear it from me all the time – not the ce stuff but i use those guys as examples if the conversation goes there
my sexuality is all about my connection to god – when i’m interaction with those guys i’m working with god

e-male: That makes total sense, and honestly, I’ve been looking for a way to bridge those two for a while. I’m interested in finding a way to constructively express and experience my sexuality, in a way that produces positive results. Unlike what most people do, which is relief for the sake of relief.

me: i hear ya – and that’s awesome – guys need an alternative and i can only help so far ya know? they have to redefine it for themselves
e-male: Absolutely.
me: they have men so visually trained that its harder for you guys to feel the body in the more subtle way – the old porn is not designed for the more sensitive types

e-male: Exactly! It’s all visual, no connection.

me: women can tap in more easily because of periods and stuff
it’s harder to redirect us but not impossible

e-male: I definitely wish we could change that in men, and allow them to open up physically, emotionally, and energetically to fully experience Sex.

me: when i found out how much people fantasize during sex – especially from the cam stuff – i couldn’t connect to them because i couldn’t understand – i had to live that situation to be able to be compassionate and help out – like infiltration lol
for me masturbation was always about feeling the energy moving in my body – i could see my insides light up in each cell or line of connection

e-male: I so envy that!

me: it was mind body work – adding the visual distraction threw me off for a long time
but that can be reversed when practiced through yoga therapies and guided relaxations
i need to do some of those recordings too – so much to do lol
what i like to tell people (because they get too emotionally attached to story) is to practice feeling the energy rather than reacting to outside stimuli and even if it’s in addition to the default masturbation lol but also separate and “see” the difference
because truthfully the higher spirit of your true love is involved with every sexual experience you have – you may not know them yet, or really know yourself yet – so if you can practice reacting to that in the situation and allow yourself to just express freely that will resolve some questioning or unassuredness

e-male: That sounds amazing. I would love to see you do videos walking people through that, and demonstrating it! Videos of you passionately enjoying yourself, while instructing, would help people a lot. I’m sure of it.

You should try running your personal recordings through Clipvia or something. It’s a pay-per-purchase site, and apparently it’s really good for cam models. That way it can be instructional, and easy to use.
me: that’s an interesting concept – i’ve seen vids of women doing similar things – i have so much else to keep me working i’m not sure if i’ll do my own – i always figured that type of training would be once i was with a partner and helping couples – never thought of the guided solo masturbation – thanks for the idea – something to ponder :)
e-male:  Anytime! I think it could be really educational for people of all ages and understandings. It could help people coming into their sexuality, and people that have known themselves for a long time, but want something more! I hope you get a chance to try it out in the future :)
to be continued…just facing my fears lol

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