should have learned from the others…

 ***dudeindoghouse:Hey did u go to deer park
me: i did – did you?

dude: Yes

 I graduated in 2000. What about u
 I see a lot of ur blogs. What do u do for a living. Just wondering
me: yoga teacher/spiritual advisor – kind of a missionary
 looking for a party gal?

dude: I am a banker.

 What U mean looking for a party girl
 me: what did you assume i did for a living?

dude: Ai didn’t know. That’s why I asked

 I saw yoga videos
 And read some blogs so I was visions.
 Damn spell check
me: haha i work for god

dude: Cool

me: used to be in accounting for 12 years

dude: Why u ask if I was looking for a party girl

me: some guys add me just to flirt and think my blog is about being a stripper or that i love showing my body or something, they don’t read any of the material, it gets old

dude: Lol.

 Well that’s what it looks like sometime.
 But was just wondering
me: yeah – it gets attention – boys don’t pay attention to smart girls if they don’t show the goods

dude: Not gonna lie u have a great body and if u feel like showing it off u have that right

me: i have important messages for all the pervs
 that is true and i’m partially fighting for that right – only problem is everyone associates our body parts to sex and debauchery

dude: Like ur video this morning. I was like is she sucking on a dildo

me: have to change the influence but you also have to play their way partially to show them the connection or speak on their level
haha – its a piece of plastic – people are so easily triggered lol
and connected to objects rather than feeling

dude: It a piece of plastic made and used for a purpose. Lol

me: but only for retarded and insensitive womein – i have a blog on that

dude: Not true.

me: do you have a vagina people don’t know about?

dude: Some use cause they don’t get the satisfied by their significant other. So they have to please themselves

me: it doesn’t do the job honey
they are just jabbing themselves out of frustration
you guys turn our torture into your pleasure and force this on us by not knowing how to be a man and use your tool

dude: Lol

me: so thanks fat ass
would your wife like you talking to me inquiring and hoping to hear about my sexy job? would your daughter? i was an “escort” (the name of our high school drill team members – his daughter is on the team now) too ;) watch yourself…
i’ll bet your wife has a dildo

dude: I wasn’t doing that at all. Was just inquiring

me: semantics and trying to cover your ass – i know all your “nice guy” tricks

dude: Like I said I read and saw some post and was wondering

me: there are different ways to go about it
you chose the perv path but that’s obvious just by looking at you – it’s in the eyes (a certain tension)

dude: Ok sorry. To offend u

 I was not passing judgement on u but ok

Was just wondering because of the post
me: i know you were looking for titilation – dead give away

dude: Ok

 And and I did see u were an escort at dp
me: i hear that line all the time – if you read my posts you know i did cam work – if you see the pics you know i did cam work

dude: That I did see

me: we both know you’ve been on them and recognize the screen shots so don’t play stupid just because you look it – i denied your first friend request but felt like i was being too judgmental – turns out i was right, big shocker

dude: But u could be a yoga teacher cause I did see that

me: set a higher standard for yourself and your daughter

dude: Will do

me: so you admit you knew already what i did? can’t i be both? they are practically the exact same thing with less spandex…but you only see “naughty” rather than practical… is a woman only useful for fucking or nothing else

dude: Yes u can

me: your a perv but you play a normal dude – be fair – at least i’m trying to do something about the problem
dude’s wife: I received a friend request from you. Do I know you?
me: no but your husband was stalking me – i used to have one one those husbands so i feel a duty ;)

dude’s wife: I don’t really know what to say to this. I’m at work and rather sick to my stomach now. I do see this was posted to your wall and for privacy would you please remove this. Not for him but for me, I would like to deal with this in a private manner. I do appreciate you sending it to me. I’m so unbelievably upset right now, after 15 years he’s never done anything like this and I don’t appreciate it. Please remove this from Facebook for my sake.

me: no problem – i can change the name for now – just wanted him to have some repercussion if i couldn’t get a hold of you but he has to learn accountability so i can’t promise it wouldn’t be back up in the future – not to be harsh but just honest smile emoticon makes me sick to my stomach too and i’m sorry to be the one to break it to you but we’re all adults and he needs to figure that out and respect your right to live without lies and sneakiness – i worry about the kids and their friends – a lot of married men are like this though – i don’t want to make him into a monster but it needs to be addressed – good luck to you and if i can offer any help please feel free to let me know
but remember he’s the one that put your privacy at risk and is still out there doing what he does
dude’s wife: Thank you for letting me know and I appreciate you making the change. I will deal with him!
me: you bet – don’t take it too personally – this society is set up to create this situation – but your his team mate in this and should know for both of your sakes and before it gets out of hand – i know he doesn’t want to be that way and really cares about his family

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