recesses of the mind

  • is it time to re-assess yours?
    Photo on 5-25-13 at 6.11 PM #2
    e-male: You and your techniques….hehe
    me: what technique? crushing it? ;P
    e-male: That’s part of it…is it not?
    me: crushing it or some hidden motive?
    e-male: Crushing it with the hidden motive tongue emoticon
    me: no hidden motive really – i have mny pics that i love but haven’t shared BECAUSE i DON’T want the purely perv advances – this pic was taken 2 years ago and i wanted to post it before but i could visualize all the negative assumptions – my motive is simply to avoid worrying about what simpletons will assume and just do what i want without having to review myself through pervy filters to make sure i’m not “leading” anyone on – that’s bullshit, i will not become a perv just to pacify the other pervs – don’t tread on me ;) xox
    e-male: Like I said once…while I get you…your ideas are complex to entirely absorb. It could be the differences of how a guy processes info compared to a girl.
    I could be wrong as well
    me: i wouldn’t say its an issue of gender but this world creates such a black and white picture and so many are unable to understand art unless it has a caption telling them what to think – unfortunately what they’ve been told to think in everyday art/society (signs, commands, duties, etc) is meant to control and manipulate those who can’t make up their own minds and it creates a reservoir in the mind that only allows certain alternatives – look at the alternatives you’ve been given and which pit you tend to fall into most often – this will speak more about you and what you’ve been conditioned to than it will of the images that trigger you
    e-male: Sadly…unlearning isn’t as hard as people assume.
    me: no but they sure throw temper tantrums lol
    Photo on 1-6-14 at 8.56 AM
    schoolin’ girls

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